The Washington Post - Jun 10 2021

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Clues Answers
'404 Not Found,' e.g ERROR
'80s missile prog SDI
'The Devil Wears Prada' co-star STREEP
'The Jungle' author Sinclair UPTON
18-Across captain SOLO
22-Across captain KIRK
292.5 deg., on a compass WNW
Abbr. on a pre-1991 map SSR
Andean grazer LLAMA
Artist's medium OIL
Attempt to hit SWINGAT
Au pair's subj ESL
Balinese, e.g ASIANS
Baseball championship emblem PENNANT
Be in store LIEAHEAD
Beehive State athlete UTE
Big name in denim LEE
Big name in shoes MCAN
Big racing sponsor STP
Blueprint info SPECS
Boatload, say AMOUNT
Cautionary reading? RIOTACT
Classic sci-fi name STARSHIPE
Classic sci-fi name MILLENNI
Commercial mascot with an honorary Doctor of Bovinity degree ELSIE
Criticize RIP
Depend RELY
Dutch carrier KLM
Entreaty PLEA
Eponymous ice cream maker EDY
Fiction opening? NON
Function USE
Get better HEAL
Grace under fire POISE
Gumshoe TEC
Half-shell serving CLAM
Hand-to-hand combat maneuver ARMBAR
Have a little lamb, say YEAN
Clues Answers
Inspires, with 'up' PSYCHS
It's often eaten with a fork and spoon PASTA
Keep in inventory STOCK
Kenan's one-time comedy partner KEL
Lambda followers MUS
London hot spot? TEA
Marc of fashion ECKO
Monica of tennis SELES
Most elegant POSHEST
New York Harbor's __ Island ELLIS
Nile menace ASP
Not in a good way POORLY
Obedience school command SIT
Objectivist Rand AYN
One exchanging dollars for quarters? RENTER
Permanently INSTONE
Pirouettes TWIRLS
Popular Halloween costume SKELETON
Prepare, as tempura DEEPFRY
Preserve, in a way CAN
Quarrel RUNIN
R-V man's name? STU
Red Guard leader MAO
Run a tab, say OWE
Scrabble coups BINGOS
Sgt., for one NCO
Sheep that sounds like a pronoun EWE
Some notebooks PCS
Spice that gives yellow curry its color TURMERIC
Start to bat? ACRO
Sundial marking III
Superman, on Krypton KALEL
Texas dance TWOSTEP
Theoretical shortcuts ... or what the four circles in this puzzle represent WORMHOLES
Vote of dissent NAY
Was superficially polite MADENICE
Word with wrestling or pie MUD
Zeno's followers STOICS