The Sun - Two Speed - Jun 10 2021

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Clues Answers
Accurate EXACT
Accused person DEFENDANT
Actor Nicholas died in prison CAGED
An elder can be full of knowledge LEARNED
Beginning GENESIS
Behind bars CAGED
Cheerless DISMAL
City on Ruhr ESSEN
Colleague FELLOW
Component ELEMENT
Custom HABIT
Diplomatic accord ENTENTE
Don came down with pained cry FELLOW
Eggs some Geordies sent back ROE
Exchange views about one tree CONIFER
Film star born in storm GABLE
Fir or pine CONIFER
First book from rock band GENESIS
Fish spawn ROE
Fury as no black sausage? ANGER
Headless vampire that goes round? ORBITER
Hunter and dog needing no introduction EAGLE
Husband has slightly loose garment HABIT
In that respect THERE
Market cart BARROW
Medical speciality doubled European understanding ENTENTE
Clues Answers
Miserable face sergeant major wears DISMAL
Old Bill very precise EXACT
Old horse of Golden Age NAG
One always on the make? CREATOR
One charged expert to pen last article DEFENDANT
One's surprised when this feature is raised EYEBROW
Proclaim DECLARE
Pub disturbance in northern town BARROW
Revolutionary phase? CYCLE
Roof end GABLE
Satellite ORBITER
Say silver piece ELEMENT
Scholarly LEARNED
Scold NAG
Sense changes in German city ESSEN
Some coastguard entirely zealous ARDENT
Some gathered at that point THERE
State directive emptied Irish county DECLARE
Tower official BEEFEATER
Trip round good land feature RIDGE
Tweezers target EYEBROW
Two-wheeler CYCLE
US symbol EAGLE
Very passionate ARDENT
Wailing female BANSHEE
Warder brings carp to diner BEEFEATER
Woman in torment shows spirit BANSHEE