The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 28000

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Clues Answers
A dribbling Tory? right-winger
Acting so uncertain — is one? AGNOSTIC
American Symphony Orchestra in Newark, last of all YANK
Beyond belief originally, irregular accent BROGUE
Bird stuffed with first of chestnuts on the empty dish COCOTTE
Blooming disheartening final test FLORAL
Business money secures gripping tool, mostly for machine on plantation cotton gin
Capital needed, get old man to invest cash, finally BAGHDAD
Decent reason for play area FAIRGROUND
Dope and speed in compound NITRATE
Even better, one's peaked flat cap
General and Marxist eyed with disdain LEERED
In conclusion, good time promised ENGAGED
Long Tube journey in minute strip light
Magnificent nose broken by nice deceptive left PRINCELY
Clues Answers
Newspaper cut up about leader in general — bother! AGGRO
Particular bit of fish, unpleasant FINICKY
Pocket purse POT
Puzzle briefly referring to river AMAZON
Secure document for manual worker? nail file
Shifts hell for old servant TURNSPIT
Shocking — as a secret? UNMENTIONABLE
Shot, use weapon STAB
Steps taken in Scotland as corrupt regime shot slippery character Eightsome reel
Strength shown by triathlete initially in front FORTE
The setter having sprung up, cuckoo setting off EMBARKING
Very different topic has fellow on strike TANGENT
Vital force only somewhat achievable CHI
Wet day touring site in need of development MOISTEN