Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jun 25 2021

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Clues Answers
"Am — blame?" ITO
"Hi, sailor!" AHOY
"Psst!" HEY
"Vega$" star Robert URICH
"You've got mail" ISP AOL
"— it going?" HOWS
2016 Olympics city RIO
All — Day SOULS
Architectural style GOTHIC
Big D.C. lobby NRA
Biz bigwig CEO
British ref. work OED
Cornfield intruder CROW
Dead heat TIE
Descends like an eagle SWOOPS
Diminish ABATE
Earth Day mo APR
Easter entrees HAMS
Erie Canal mule SAL
Feedbag tidbit OAT
Fiddle stick BOW
Fizzy drink SODA
Foreman foe ALI
Friendship AMITY
Game official REF
Grate RASP
Half of bi- UNI
Halloween cover-up MASK
Has bills OWES
Interior design DECOR
Invoice fig AMT
Lent a hand AIDED
Clues Answers
Main artery AORTA
Mao — -tung TSE
Med. plan option HMO
Monarch RULER
Money expert Suze ORMAN
Movies FILMS
Muumuu accessory LEI
Noshed ATE
Parlor piece SETTEE
Past AGO
Pink Floyd's Barrett SYD
Porterhouse, e.g STEAK
Praise in verse ODE
Preschooler TOT
RBI, for one STAT
Roman 1101 MCI
Romance WOO
Rum cocktail MAITAI
Scale note SOL
Sea critter OTTER
Shade tree ELM
Slugger Roger MARIS
Speed (up) REV
St. Teresa's city AVILA
Texter's guffaw LOL
Tosses in ADDS
Trails PATHS
Unconventional OUTRE
Weaponize ARM
Wish undone RUE
Yorkshire city LEEDS
— Holmes (Sherlock's sister) ENOLA