Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jun 9 2021

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Clues Answers
15 across, from the start, is raising a small number of fragrant flowers FREESIAS
A fair amount of fat in flipping rice cake ECLAIR
A heartless organisation of spies contacting agent's plant ACACIA
Adam and Ray from steelyard ELDEST
Among idiosyncrasies acknowledged in fire SACK
Bar for the golfers in African capital BANGUI
Briefly study one of the issues with some common sense REASON
Caught in Essex shifting leftovers EXCESS
Clip of Jack - up from Ring getting never-ending lift ELEVATOR
Dislikes despatching kids to Capri, for example ISLE
Envisaged getting rid of vegan dish to go with main course SIDE
False alarm for the bank's stockholder FARM
Former coppers holding back anger out of knowledge of prior events EXPERIENCE
Freud's analysis of Frank Bond FREEASSOCIATION
Clues Answers
Herod is a criminal in old part of Africa RHODESIA
Journalist after trial did a fact check TESTED
Last of the order collected by life partner leads to acute shortage DEARTH
Made life difficult for that man taken in by unstable debtor BOTHERED
Piece of scrap metal raised from sub TEMP
Popular tenor finished with fianc?e INTENDED
Posed by lake surrounded by influential groups - those depending on bigger states SATELLITES
Reprimand for bringing up documents about Labour Leader SCOLD
Show love for musical composition CONCERTO
Smart Alec misses alert of fraud SCAM
Tempestuous female is a wise old bird and game WILDFOWL
The doctor's standing in the community is upsetting our patient REPUTATION
They're bound to learn of choral medley in ship SCHOLARS
Type of squirrels, badgers and dogs GREYHOUNDS