Wall Street Journal - Jun 9 2021 - Closed CASE

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Clues Answers
“And how!” AMEN
“Nothing Compares 2 U” singer SINEADOCONNOR
“See ya!” CIAO
2002 George W. Bush program for community volunteering USAFREEDOMCORPS
Animal emblem TOTEM
Animated characters TOONS
Award for mystery writers EDGAR
Big Sur runners MACS
Bite, as a puppy might NIPAT
Campsite sight TENT
Cloverleaf parts OVERPASSES
Comprehensive amount ALL
Considers HEARS
Cow on condensed milk cans ELSIE
Darth Vader’s boyhood nickname ANI
Derisive cry BAH
Diner order MEAL
Eldest of the Stark children on “Game of Thrones” ROBB
Embroidered SEWN
Employs USES
Endures LASTS
Exist ARE
Extra innings cause TIE
Find the start of the story, so to speak TRACKDOWNARUMOR
First three cards turned up in hold ’em FLOP
Foe of the Philistines SAMSON
Food pyramid components FATS
Game with ghosts PACMAN
Garb for grunts CAMO
Geese formation VEE
Geological stretch ERA
Head (off) FEND
Hippo on “Captain Kangaroo” ROLLO
In abundance, campily AGOGO
In real time LIVE
International Court of Justice site, with “The” HAGUE
It can make you trip LSD
It might knock you off your horse LANCE
Kansas governor Kelly LAURA
Clues Answers
Khartoum’s country SUDAN
Language exam format ORAL
Legendary Jedi Master YODA
Letter from Laconia ETA
Long drive? LIMO
May honoree MOM
Noted Chinese-American architect IMPEI
One with a “grim” job title REAPER
Oreo innards CREME
Parade interrupter RAIN
Patriots’ org NFL
Piddling MERE
Piece that might offer some perspective OPED
Pizzazz GLAM
Protein mixture in wheat GLUTEN
Relaxation locale SPA
Ring rock GEM
River through Warwickshire AVON
Salad superfood KALE
Sets the price at ASKS
Show remorse ATONE
Singapore setting ASIA
Site of a historic demonstration led by John Lewis SELMA
Special quality AURA
Spots on one’s screen ADS
Squid’s defense INK
Starry-eyed IDEALISTIC
Tackle box item LURE
Teeming AWASH
Tennis’s Nadal, to fans RAFA
They slide shut, as pictured by the circled letters SUBWAYDOORS
Tribe also called the Cat Nation ERIE
Undercover activity? SLEEP
Understands GETS
Urgent DIRE
Wile E. Coyote order, often TNT
Young fellow LAD