New York Times - Jun 8 2021

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Clues Answers
'Amscray!' SHOO
'Bear' with black eye patches PANDA
'I like what you did there' NICE
'Precision crafted performance' sloganeer ACURA
'Raiders of the Lost Ark' snake ASP
'Sorry Not Sorry' singer Lovato DEMI
'The Open Window' story writer SAKI
'Too busy at the moment' ICANTNOW
A lo-o-ong time AGES
Actress Russell KERI
Alter ego for Homer's son on 'The Simpsons' ELBARTO
Bad place for a mole, for short CIA
Bubbly mixers SELTZERS
Button on a remote: Abbr VOL
Checkout devices at Dublin supermarkets? IRISHSCANNERS
Claim confidently AVER
Claim that a language in 'The Lord of the Rings' is not extinct? ELVISHLIVES
Common golf course grass ZOYSIA
Cornell and Columbia, for two IVIES
Cosine vis-à-vis sine DERIVATIVE
Cut down HEWN
Descartes who said 'Cogito, ergo sum' RENE
Doo-wop group with six songs on the 'Grease' soundtrack SHANANA
Figure skater Lipinski TARA
Footlong, maybe HERO
Footnote abbr IBID
Full metal jacket? ARMOR
Funny Fey TINA
Gave a soundless alert VIBRATED
Go bad TURN
Gotten up ARISEN
Greek H's ETAS
Hemmed and hawed DITHERED
International grp. founded in Baghdad OPEC
Internet address starter HTTP
It might be represented by a floppy disk icon SAVE
Clues Answers
Ixnay VETO
Lead-in to an alias AKA
Letter-shaped construction piece TBEAM
Like many unofficial agreements ORAL
Look attractive on SUIT
Marina marker BUOY
Monthly cost, for many CABLE
Nectar collectors BEES
Nintendo's Mario ___ KART
Occupies, as a desk SITSAT
Old Iranian leader SHAH
One-named singer with a 1988 Best Actress Oscar CHER
Part of a combo meal SODA
Peddle HAWK
QB with the most touchdown passes in a single Super Bowl (six) STEVEYOUNG
Quechua speaker of old INCA
See 16-Across NASH
Set of six bowls, in cricket OVER
Shock STUN
Signature Obama legislation, in brief ACA
Slim Shady, for Eminem PERSONA
Spot for some reps GYM
Stew containers POTS
Stew, steam or boil SEETHE
Suggestion to friends on when to meet for lunch? TENNISHANYONE
Temporary INTERIM
Tempter of Odysseus SIREN
Thrills KICKS
Transparent hospital container, informally IVBAG
Urban area around a church district? PARISHMETRO
Websites that allow collaborative editing WIKIS
What a bloodhound follows SCENT
Winery container VAT
With 22-Down, star of TV's 'Claws' NIECY
Works hard TOILS
___ Games, maker of Fortnite EPIC