The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27998

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Clues Answers
A couple of notes of little distinction so-so
Absorption transforming a Latin mission endlessly ASSIMILATION
Aussie screecher giving girl a headache initially GALAH
Authority to produce script for listeners RIGHT
Bachelor requesting quiet on vessel, seeing creature of the deep basking shark
Compulsion to work and press together when speaking NEED
Craftswoman’s burden, securing copper disc SCULPTRESS
Creature that burrows, destroying the marrow EARTHWORM
Dedicated duke eclipsed by English management group COMMITTEE
Doubts young woman revealed about donating MISGIVINGS
Encouragement given by nice vet in novel INCENTIVE
Extravagant? Not in an army corps OUTRE
Greek character left? Terrible time for a crusade! PILGRIMAGE
Humble worker in pub, taking it over under a false name INCOGNITO
Clues Answers
Leader of infantry escorted back, carrying a standard IDEAL
Long garment gnome shortened MAXI
Long-time heretic, one replacing a surgeon VETERINARIAN
Merchandise finally put in place in an Irishman’s warehouse REPOSITORY
Mop Cornish sailor used? SWAB
Name Alice’s illustrator talked of after church anniversary CENTENNIAL
Popular book in French is small, digested by beauty, 21 BESTSELLER
Pretext contributing to extensive ill-feeling VEIL
Recoil, but ultimately accept coarse cotton fabric WINCEYETTE
Rover knocking back pint, perhaps, during game, informally FREEBOOTER
See eager sailor painting yacht first of all ESPY
Stable establishment FIRM
Team-beater’s hairy facial growth side whiskers
Working American’s responsibility ONUS