L.A. Times Daily - Jun 4 2010

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Clues Answers
"I wouldn't lie!" TRUSTME
"We don't see __ ..." EYETO
"__ of Solomon": religious works ODES
1971 John Lennon song OHYOKO
35mm camera choice SLR
About 1% of the Earth's atmosphere ARGON
Addie's husband in "As I Lay Dying" ANSE
Alien's subj. ESL
Anthony Quinn title role ZORBA
Arbitration decisions AWARDS
Bagel order, maybe DOZEN
Bang-up NEAT
Big splash maker of the '60s SHAMU
Bit of a tryst exchange COO
Blended fruit drink SMOOTHIE
Blusters CROWS
Chip maker INTEL
Christmas tree adornment SKIRT
Cirque du Soleil costumes UNITARDS
College administrator's cocktail? DEANMARTINI
Columbus's birthplace GENOA
DDE's arena ETO
Debugging agent? RAID
Della's creator ERLE
Dosage abbr. TSPS
E. Sicilian peak MTETNA
Eastwood's 1978 "co-star" Clyde, e.g. ORANG
Eliot's "Adam __" BEDE
Encouraging sound RAH
Entry-level legal jobs: Abbr. ADAS
Equine teacher of Japan? HORSESENSEI
Former Secret Service weapon UZI
Generous offer ONME
Headstrong SET
Henpeck NAGAT
Inspection requiring scales AUTOPSY
Clues Answers
Invest, as with a quality ENDUE
Joey's mom DOE
Leafs' home TORONTO
Like breezeways AIRY
Like sauce with a kick HOT
Like some meringue LEMONY
Mag wheels? EDS
Most fit for drafting ONEA
Navigational aid LORAN
Not bland TASTY
Old billiard ball material IVORY
Old Chevy NOVA
Open, as a brew UNCAP
Osbourne of Black Sabbath OZZY
Phone bk. listings NOS
Poughkeepsie college VASSAR
Product name derived from the German word for peppermint PEZ
Put down DEMEAN
Requiring less effort EASIER
Romance novelist Roberts NORA
Rossini specialty ARIA
Sadie Hawkins Day creator CAPP
Sentence lengths TERMS
Sleep, in Sussex KIP
Small fry TYKE
Soil enricher MANURE
Still in love with a legendary giant? NOTOVERYETI
Surfer's read EZINE
Tag determiners UMPS
They may be physical EXAMS
Unkeyed ATONAL
Vehicle delivering the weekly checks? PAYROLLTAXI
Verb for Popeye YAM
Voting group BOARD
White House middle name ABRAM
Without face value, as stock NOPAR
Wood-shaping tool ADZ