Wall Street Journal - Jun 6 2021 - Pardon My English

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Clues Answers
#1 hit for Kenny Rogers in 1980 LADY
“Didn’t I say this would happen?” SEE
“Family Ties” mom ELYSE
“Reality is a thing of the past” for “The Matrix,” e.g TAGLINE
“So what?” AND
“___ magnifique!” CEST
Agree (with) SIDE
Best of the best ELITE
Best pair ACES
Byzantine and British, for two: Abbr EMPS
Call screener, often AIDE
Caplet count DOSE
Chocolaty drinks YOOHOOS
Classic comics creator INKER
Company with a duck in its ads AFLAC
Contamination SOILAGE
Crazy LOCO
Crops up ARISES
December 24 flier COMET
Decongestant brand AFRIN
Draws close NEARS
Easy trick for Tony Hawk OLLIE
End of a college president’s address EDU
End of many business names CORP
Feature of bacon or brie RIND
Football Hall of Famer Warren SAPP
Frame with Elmer Fudd, say CEL
Fussing ADO
Gets all sulky POUTS
Gives somebody a hand CLAPS
Highly sensitive, as song lyrics EMO
In addition ALSO
Job interview subject SKILLS
Least noble BASEST
Leave with little wiggle room PENIN
Like kumquats SOUR
Like some cheap audio equipment LOFI
Littlest bills ONES
Look for water DOWSE
Clues Answers
Lukewarm TEPID
Mark Twain or Elena Ferrante, e.g. PSEUDONYM
Measure, as a channel PLUMB
Moment SEC
Morning blankets DEWS
New Hampshire city KEENE
Not to be discussed TABOO
Oratorio piece ARIA
Orchestra’s place PIT
Pair of hand drums from India TABLA
Pals of alpacas LLAMAS
Panda part CLAW
Peak of artistic achievement MASTERWORK
Place to find a new housemate SPCA
Play makeup ACTS
Possesses, in poems HATH
Prefix with negotiable or refundable NON
Prepares to sunbathe OILSUP
Ranch heads STEERS
React to shocking news REEL
Rival of Estée Lauder AVON
Road with no outlet BLINDALLEY
Russell Crowe delivery to Joaquin Phoenix, in “Gladiator” DEATHBLOW
Semantics philosopher Paul GRICE
Shade-tolerant plant HOSTA
Sneaker string LACE
Solutions offered by optometrists SALINES
Soon, in a sonnet ANON
Strong suit FORTE
Summer sign LEO
Ticket recipient SPEEDER
Tuscan “Toodle-oo!” CIAO
Two-tone treat OREO
Uncivilized LAWLESS
Uses, as coupons REDEEMS
Warty critter TOAD
Watermelon-shaped OVOID
Where a lass may swim LOCH
Whirl GYRE