The Washington Post - Jun 6 2021

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Clues Answers
'Aladdin' monkey ABU
'An Essay on Man' poet Alexander POPE
'Could happen' ITMAY
'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' character COMMA
'Insecure' actress ISSARAE
'Not interested' NAH
'Run' singer Lewis LEONA
'Whadya know!' MYMY
'__ speaking ... ' STRICTLY
30 minutes at Lambeau Field HALF
About ORSO
Actor Driver ADAM
Alp ending INE
Anka hit with a Spanish title ESOBESO
Anklebones TARSI
Anticipate AWAIT
Author LeShan EDA
Ballet attire TUTU
Barbecue rod SPIT
Biblical words before and after 'for' ANEYE
Big name in polos IZOD
Big steps STRIDES
Bow-toting god EROS
Brooklyn 'y'all' YOUSE
Business address abbr STE
By mistake INERROR
C-ration successors MRES
Came together MET
Cancels UNDOES
Cheryl of 'Charlie's Angels' LADD
Cleveland __, OH HTS
Collegiate focus MAJOR
Company whose signature product resulted from a plan to sell more chewing gum TOPPS
Constant news channel feature CRAWL
Cook in a wok, say SAUTE
Corp. money execs CFOS
Diplomat's asset TACT
Dire March time IDES
Disney princess of the kingdom of Enchancia SOFIA
Do what he says SIMON
End of an ultimatum ELSE
English John ELTON
Explanatory words on a map of dictators' homes? XMARKSTHEDESPOT
Fairway considerations LIES
Fictional 16-year-old von Trapp girl LIESL
Film review site IMDB
Firepit contents ASHES
Fords' White House successors CARTERS
Garden center brand ORTHO
Geometry product AREA
Glee club voice ALTO
Go bad, as milk SOUR
Goals AIMS
Goes after HASAT
Gold-covered GILT
Golden State NBAer WARRIOR
GPS calculations ETAS
Grafton's '__ for Noose' NIS
Guy found in kids' books WALDO
Guy in an exclusive network OLDBOY
Handshake alternatives DAPS
Hanoi's home ASIA
Harry and Jack who co-founded Columbia Pictures COHNS
Heavy hammer MAUL
Homely fruit? UGLI
House attachment LIEN
In a heated way IRATELY
In order TIDY
It has its tricks TRADE
It may be buried LEDE
It's hot for a while FAD
Clues Answers
Italian sub layer SALAMI
Kid's comeback IDOSO
Kitty comment MEOW
Kunis of 'Black Swan' MILA
Long stretches EONS
Looks unstable TEETERS
Low-calorie mints TICTACS
Man caves, e.g DENS
Media barrage for Garcia's band? DEADBLITZ
Medieval musician LUTIST
Memo start INRE
Mends a sock DARNS
Miffed SORE
Musk's Starship developer SPACEX
Narrowly beat EDGED
Noble gas that sounds like a French forest ARGON
Northeastern fishing fleet? LOBSTERDETAIL
Notable stretches ERAS
O'Rourke of Texas BETO
Off the mark AMISS
One may be a lot ACRE
Opposite of fer AGIN
Organize by size, say SORT
Panama's place? HATRACK
Part of a plan STEP
Picked up GOT
Pitchers' assets ARMS
Pizza chain, familiarly UNOS
Plum kin APRICOT
Poet Khayyám OMAR
Post-rush hour elation? TRAFFICDELIGHT
Potter son named for Dumbledore ALBUS
Pre-Easter purchase EGGDYE
Pre-Richie TV role for Ron OPIE
Pub orders ALES
Read carefully, with 'over' PORE
Reagan Airport, on luggage tags DCA
Real baffler ENIGMA
Ref. work that added 'livestream' in 2021 OED
Reindeer rack ANTLERS
Ring event BOUT
Secures, as a carton TAPESUP
Set-up punch LEFTJAB
She followed Guthrie at Woodstock BAEZ
Shipping delivery headache? PACKAGEDETOUR
Show curiosity ASK
Sled-pulling pooch SAMOYED
Sounds of scorn TSKS
Span. miss SRTA
Split result EXMATE
Square root of nueve TRES
Start of Caesar's boast ICAME
Stir up ROIL
Storm refuges CELLARS
Strikingly strange EXOTIC
Support groups ALLIES
Tabloid twosome ITEM
Terra __ COTTA
Texting vehicle CELL
That is, in Latin IDEST
They make an effort TRIERS
Thompson of 'Westworld' TESSA
Trade shows EXPOS
Type of wheel or chart COLOR
Uses WhatsApp or Viber TEXTS
Valuable painting hanging in the potting shed? GREENHOUSEDEGAS
Verb attachment OSE
Wall St. figures ARBS
Way to heat up your sushi? WASABI
Why the housing development was postponed? DELAYOFTHELAND