The Sun - Two Speed - Jun 5 2021

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Clues Answers
Adam's wife EVE
Afternoon repast HIGHTEA
Aubergine EGGPLANT
Bug has green lip shortened ECOLI
Compassionate chap in shade HUMANE
Cooking utensil PAN
Crack up as emu runs riot AMUSE
Cure-all PANACEA
Dad swallowing an excellent remedy for disease PANACEA
Dangerous bacteria ECOLI
Divert AMUSE
Eve's husband ADAM
Express amusement LAUGH
Fleet circling round provided calm PACIFY
Follow HEED
Fun in Los Angeles? I don't like it! LAUGH
Gang pelt rocks and fruit EGGPLANT
Giant blunder in field by Royal Engineers OGRE
Goods brought in one Frenchman left at sea IMPORT
Handle needed for laptop? USERNAME
Implied meaning IMPORT
Jump over LEAPFROG
Kind-hearted HUMANE
Lady of Lord Nelson HAMILTON
Clues Answers
Male news boss to listen HEED
Meal served up? HIGHTEA
Mining explosive GELIGNITE
Mob intend uprising about a fine MAFIA
Musical racing driver HAMILTON
Notice alpha male is first man ADAM
Online identity USERNAME
Placate PACIFY
Protect SHIELD
Put up in Shanghai HANG
Relaxed walk south with giant STROLL
Saunter STROLL
Send into water LAUNCH
Sicilian criminals MAFIA
Spring activity for the kids? LEAPFROG
Start motorboat LAUNCH
Struggle with Greek fruit GRAPPLE
Suspend HANG
Swimmer embarrassed by hairstyle REDMULLET
This is held when fighting SHIELD
Troll OGRE
Turn on light to find explosive GELIGNITE
Uncle misused a right in this family NUCLEAR
Wild god in vessel PAN
Woman tempted the night before EVE