The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,656 - Jun 4 2021

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Clues Answers
'Lunchtime!', as Yogi pinches a piece of cake EASY
, 20, 6 & 16 Measures up, unlike naughty kid in Clarks? (4,4,3,3,4,4,4) ACTSONES
... what's made by hasty judge putting these together side by side TWOANDTWO
Agreed in the second year of life? ATONE
Around La Méditerranée, say, negligently lug oil vessels GLOMERULI
Be still say cheese off I click non-stop SHUTTERBUG
Changes in number of electrons spinning on axis do it OXIDATIONS
Debate 'About a Boy' REASON
Festivals suspended at centre, when short becomes shorter EASTERS
Freedom for someone I trust to judge anagrams so indirect DISCRETION
Gaston's girl finds home for large tenor GIGLI
George Russell, international driver, starts from here GRID
Habitual drinker who's first to break this at party -- but not last? THEIC
Is its companion volume 'Mid to ZZZ' minute? ATOMIC
Like controlling obsession with Big Apple paraphernalia? ANYTHINGS
Clues Answers
Not quite a full house upstairs? TWOPAIR
One of the Rs in Berkshire READING
One taking on water, was square rig just out of trim? AQUARIUS
Pepys may have taken one to make stock manager HACKNEYCOACH
Pure quality pub engineer as a one-off keeps INNOCENCE
Put down in error, the writer attends brief jaunt, but gatecrashes MISATTRIBUTE
Repeats it: limited spells allowed online? ITERATIONS
Sanction postal scam? CONSENT
See 17 Down ONES
See 17 Down AGENOT
See 17 Down SHOESIZE
Spots origin of 18, so its driver told us? ACNE
What you might catch from wet pet animal REINDEER
Wide-angle lens just a boon, regular shots taken when climbing OBTUSE
With reverse sweep Moeen Ali at last grabs single to secure Ashes? INURN