New York Times - Jun 1 2021

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Clues Answers
'Forgive me, Father' IREPENT
'Heidi' author Johanna SPYRI
'Here's some important info ...,' in brief PSA
'Hurry!' CMON
'Let's do the Time ___ again' (campy 1970s lyric) WARP
'No bid,' in bridge PASS
'See ya!' LATER
'Tell Mama' singer James ETTA
Accepted without hesitation LEAPTAT
Aegean and Baltic, for two SEAS
Amy who achieved fame on 42-Down POEHLER
Better ___ ever THAN
Blanket ___ (bad bed partner) HOG
Broke bread ATE
Cantaloupes and such MELONS
Carpenter ___ ANT
Cartoonish shriek EEK
Choice at a microbrewery, for short IPA
Computer addresses, for short IPS
Cuckoo LOCO
Director Anderson WES
Enter en masse, as a car PILEIN
ESP and photographic memory, for two GIFTS
Fashion no-no with a flip-flop SOCK
Figure skating biopic of 2017 ITONYA
First African-American to win the Oscar for Best Actress HALLEBERRY
Game console that sounds like a pronoun WII
Get a lode of this! ORE
Get better, as a wound HEAL
Greenish blue AQUA
Had a taste of TRIED
He might have done it with the candlestick in the study PROFESSORPLUM
It's a thought IDEA
Jazz band instrument TRUMPET
John or Jane, in court DOE
Laugh for a corny joke YUK
Letter after pi RHO
Letters in a so-called 'supervocalic' word AEIOU
Clues Answers
Library caution SHH
Like a floor with a 'Caution' sign WET
Mario's love interest in Super Mario games PRINCESSPEACH
Marty ___, 'Back to the Future' protagonist MCFLY
Mexican food similar to a flauta TAQUITO
Mideast country east of 50-Across JORDAN
Mideast country west of 32-Down ISRAEL
Modern term of endearment BAE
Note after fa SOL
Online initialism of rejoicing FTW
Part of N.Y.U YORK
Part of the digestive system, in brief GITRACT
Placed a curse on HEXED
Poetry showdown SLAM
Pop star with the 1996 3x platinum album 'Tidal' FIONAAPPLE
Prominent elephant features EARS
Reddit Q&A AMA
Resist, as orders DEFY
Rocker who sang 'Paradise City' AXLROSE
Save the day BEAHERO
Second word in many limericks ONCE
See 41-Down SNL
Signify DENOTE
Singer with the 2019 #2 hit 'Don't Start Now' DUALIPA
Spending jag SPREE
Subjects of many epics WARS
Symbol on a One Way sign ARROW
Tech release of 2017 IMACPRO
Third word in many limericks WAS
Titular Mozart opera character FIGARO
Turned out successfully ... or what the parents of 16-, 19-, 52- and 57-Across did? BOREFRUIT
Unexciting, as a bar scene DEAD
URL opener HTTP
User of the Force JEDI
Wall St. debut IPO
Wordsworth work ODE
___-Cat (ski resort vehicle) SNO