The Sun - Two Speed - Jun 1 2021

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Clues Answers
Aircraft shed HANGAR
Alpha's opposite OMEGA
Ancient AGED
Blusher ROUGE
Bolan was one right into rainwear MARC
Bring up REAR
Cat turned up with mum PUMA
Cheapen DEBASE
Cheeky make-up product ROUGE
Commentator NARRATOR
Compass point NORTH
Complainer Romeo in bad cough GROUCH
Conservative into footwear causing gossip SCANDAL
Cop abroad in garden nobbled me GENDARME
Corrupt, sleeping over, Salome drained DEBASE
Curved weapon CUTLASS
Decisive moment CRISIS
Deities finish blessing GODSEND
Direction found in dissertation or thesis NORTH
Disappointed sunseeker's comment in country? BAHRAIN
Drummer Ringo STARR
Film award for Hammerstein? OSCAR
French male name MARC
French policeman GENDARME
Grumpy person GROUCH
Clues Answers
Hold contents of vehicle on journey CARGO
Ignorant girl fighting English UNAWARE
Is seen twice after credit crunch CRISIS
Male name OSCAR
Male, extremely eloquent, finds slug BULLET
Meal in Chunnel poor: nothing eaten LUNCHEON
Midday repast LUNCHEON
Mountain predator PUMA
Nothing fantastic in Greek letter OMEGA
Oblivious UNAWARE
Oil-rich sheikhdom BAHRAIN
Old part in Moonage Daydream AGED
Payload CARGO
Planes kept here hover by a river HANGAR
Power to recall MEMORY
Public outrage SCANDAL
Recollection of hilly Rome maybe coming back MEMORY
Renounce throne ABDICATE
Right to support celebrity skin-basher STARR
Round for gun BULLET
Russian author TOLSTOY
Seat in Devonshire Arms REAR
Sword injured young woman CUTLASS
Terribly bad one having Blanchett resign? ABDICATE
Whose part in drama is telling? NARRATOR
Writer in chaos lost plaything TOLSTOY