The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8606

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Clues Answers
Bottom-dweller CATFISH
Cheerful, lively CHIPPER
Child with no parents ORPHAN
Christmas item mince pie
Cosmetic operation FACELIFT
Engaged man FIANCE
Father (Latin) PATER
French currency EURO
Last longer than OUTLIVE
Mother (Latin) MATER
Pet rodent HAMSTER
Pond growth lily pad
Potato TATER
Provide food and drink CATER
Clues Answers
Public space PARK
School work PREP
Small drink SNIFTER
Small flake of soot SMUT
Small length unit ANGSTROM
Stiffly correct PRIM
Structural supports COLUMNS
Tardy LATE
Tennis stroke FOREHAND
Tree with heart-shaped leaves CATALPA
Verifiable truth FACT
Vet; partition SCREEN
Woman's head covering; hairstyle COIF