The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,689 - May 31 2021

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Clues Answers
Anxious, on edge over Vaslav Nijinsky's last letters NERVY
Awkward finding swan caught up in it INEPT
Becoming popular again, vital following short break RESURGENT
Bury artist the old man ignored INTER
Clear former partner with single charge EXONERATE
Disease spreading in popular resort area? SEASIDE
Donkey crossing near deep chasm ABYSS
Drifter managed -- is back under canvas? TRANSIENT
Drink in bistro, perhaps, in centre of Leeds after bingo success Housewine
Girl, Sheila, wrong about wager ELISABETH
Go round a church, finding source of strength? SPINACH
Having head of security inside gallery makes sense TASTE
Instantly enjoy, when spicy LIKEASHOT
Jack and king Welshman rejected KNAVE
Lost for words as we crashed wagon AWESTRUCK
Mostly ineffective, church magazine in the past PUNCH
Clues Answers
Mostly trim, then cut, root vegetable PARSNIP
New guy on manoeuvres YOUNG
One who wrote a lot of nonsense about the tanned skin LEATHER
Outcome of a fine spell at hotel AFTERMATH
Parking, about to deliver lead PRECEDE
Poetic island's tavern is empty INNISFREE
Recovering as a result of continuously swallowing them ONTHEMEND
Search round area, place frequently visited HAUNT
Spotted after a bishop avoided voting ABSTAINED
Staunch pal's defeat on board CHECKMATE
Study involving leader of sect in Red China DRESDEN
Target a rearranged event on water REGATTA
US writer, bod losing face employing me! EMERSON
Verse of Frost heard? RHYME
What's tea passed round in? CHINA
Woman, part of champagne set AGNES