Family Time - May 31 2021

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Clues Answers
"At ___, soldier!" EASE
"Could you ___ little faster?" (2 words) GOA
"Easier said ___ done" THAN
"How was ___ know?" ITO
"Lonesome" tree PINE
"Thanks ___!" (2 words) ALOT
"The Cat in the ___" HAT
"Uhh ..." relative UMM
"You ___ kidding!" WERENT
"___ Be There" ILL
"___ been real!" ITS
"___ interested" NOT
632 pounds plus 21,888 ounces TON
A la follower? MODE
Action movie protagonist HERO
Any native of Lampang THAI
Australian critter WALLAROO
Barbershop specialty TRIM
Boot parts HEELS
Can on a grocery store conveyor belt ITEM
City in Brazil, for short RIO
Cook crabs STEAM
Cranked up LOUD
Cute house critters CATS
Didn't log off (2 words) STAYEDON
Dispenser of bills ATM
Dwindle EBB
Einstein's M MASS
Enjoy a Ferris wheel RIDE
Enjoys peas or popcorn EATS
Give out cards DEAL
Goat's quote MAA
Good friend PAL
Hot water holder TUB
Clues Answers
Jekyll's counterpart HYDE
Keeps going up RISES
Lightbulb, to a toon IDEA
Major direction EAST
Mayflower's pole MAST
Memo phrase ASTO
Moves a dinghy ROWS
Not working at the moment IDLE
Play in the mud (2 words) GETDIRTY
Players not on the bench STARTERS
Prefix with "light" TWI
Said, "I've heard good things about you" MET
Sci-fi container POD
Single person in a sentence ONE
Small part of a dance lesson STEP
Some Italian desserts ICES
Something to put your legs in PANTS
Start liking more and more (2 words) WARMTO
Surgery line SCAR
Sweet potato and pumpkin concoctions PIES
Take first place WIN
Thin piece of wood SLAT
Tic-tac-toe line that wins zip OXO
Tot's reward TOY
Unassisted LONE
Us? No, the others THEM
Use a nonlethal gun STUN
V8 ingredient TOMATO
Very polite term of address SIR
Volcanic eruption stuff ASH
Wager BET
When your homework needs to be done SOON
Wonderfully strange EXOTIC
___ Spumante ASTI