USA Today - Jun 1 2010

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Clues Answers
". . . and children of all ___!" AGES
"All joking ___ . . ." ASIDE
"All My Children" character ERICA
"Battle Hymn of the Republic" lyricist HOWE
"Cry" singer Faith HILL
"Do not open 'til ___" XMAS
"Do ___ others . . ." UNTO
"Don't ___ think about it!" EVEN
"Iron Chef" props PANS
"King ___" (Elgar cantata) OLAF
"Macbeth" eye donor NEWT
"O Come All Ye Faithful" verb ADORE
"Or ___!" ELSE
"___ Been Everywhere" (Johnny Cash song) IVE
"___ Goat-Boy" (Barth novel) GILES
A relative of mine? HERS
A slipcover might cover it SOFA
Accommodation at sea STATEROOM
Additive in skin lotions ALOE
Admiral, e.g. RANK
Affirm with certainty AVER
Agcy. overseeing federal records GSA
Alpine calls YODELS
Anguine fish EEL
Antipathy AVERSION
Area above a column base, in architecture DADO
Assign to different stacks SORT
Australia's ___ Rock AYERS
Automatic introduction? SEMI
Away from the wind ALEE
Bassinet alternative CRIB
Bed cover CANOPY
Breed ILK
Buffet item? DRAWER
Burden of proof ONUS
Bygone Iranian despot SHAH
Chief ore of lead GALENA
Child of fortune? HEIR
Common fertilizer ingredient UREA
Clues Answers
Contract add-ons RIDERS
Desert Storm missiles SCUDS
Dry Italian libation SOAVE
Egg layer CACKLER
End of the world DOOMSDAY
Ethel Mertz player VANCE
Full speed ahead, at sea AMAIN
Galba's predecessor NERO
Half a cocktail TAI
Hidey-hole treasure CACHE
House shader EAVE
Land map PLAT
Lewis who spoke for Lamb Chop SHARI
More than noteworthy REMARKABLE
Mythical merry-making man-horse SATYR
Not funny ha-ha WEIRD
One among the nightingales, in a poem SWEENEY
Porcelain pitcher, perhaps EWER
Pricing or sharing word EACH
Prohibition establishment SPEAKEASY
Saharan sanctuaries OASES
Sentence division YEAR
Spun, as a tale WOVE
Stow in a ship's hold STEEVE
Susan of "Goldengirl" ANTON
Sweetens the kitty ANTES
Tops off a room CEILS
Turnpike, for one EXPRESSWAY
Twenty short hundredweight TON
Unconscious condition COMA
Vertical, as an anchor cable APEAK
Vietnam's capital HANOI
Walker on a red carpet VIP
Wax-coated cheese EDAM
Wayward path SIN
Web-footed creature OTTER
When Revere made his ride APRIL
Withdrawn Canadian bills ONES
Written composition ESSAY