The Washington Post Sunday - May 30 2021

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Clues Answers
'Ain't Misbehavin'' Tony winner Carter NELL
'Back so soon?' YOUAGAIN
'Chess' team, e.g.? CAST
'Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead' author Tokarczuk OLGA
'Fascinating' ISEE
'Friendly' prefix ECO
'Guys and Dolls' composer Frank LOESSER
'How I Met Your Mother' actor Radnor JOSH
'If Beale Street Could Talk' star KiKi LAYNE
'It's hopeless!' ICANT
'Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is: Never try' speaker on 'The Simpsons' HOMER
'Lol, you totally owned those chumps' GOTEM
'Open Your Box' musician Yoko ONO
'Sounds about right' GUESSSO
'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' changeling ODO
'This film is not ___ rated' YET
'This Old House' carpenter Norm ABRAM
'Wanna bet?' reply? IPASS
'___ in Toyland' BABES
'___ to a Drum' (Yusef Komunyakaa poem) ODE
102 Across seller CAFE
1994 Van Damme film partially set in 2004 TIMECOP
1996 Broadway premiere RENT
A matter of discourse TOPIC
Abbr. that may be followed by 'Re:' in a subject line FWD
Accurate with a score ONKEY
Affidavit authenticator NOTARY
Apt rhyme of 'conk' BONK
Area of agreement OVERLAP
Ayah in the Koran VERSE
Baltimore pro ORIOLE
Beastly noises ROARS
Billion-year period EON
Bird that sounds like its first letter JAY
Bird's perch in a city LEDGE
Blimp's locale SKY
Bridal gown feature LACE
Brief, as a reply TERSE
Came to the surface AROSE
Card game without royals UNO
Cardiovascular concern HEART
Ceremonial pitcher EWER
Chip ___ the old block OFF
Cold mass FLOE
Collectively ASONE
Common lunch hour NOON
Cornea site EYE
Cosmic snowball COMET
Crystal violet, e.g DYE
Decepticon in 'Transformers,' e.g ROBOT
Defeat in the WNBA's three-point contest, say OUTSHOOT
Densely packed crowd THRONG
Dirty martini garnish GREENOLIVE
Dragon's habitat LAIR
Drink with espresso LATTE
Emmy-winning Falco EDIE
Emmy-winning Rivers JOAN
English form of 'ella' SHE
ET born in 1756 ALF
Expressed grief loudly WAILED
Fairway choice NINEIRON
Filmmaker Sofia, Eleanor or Francis Ford COPPOLA
Filthy film SCUM
Former MLB boss Bud SELIG
Former wireless provider ALLTEL
Fun activity that stimulates your mind BRAINGAME
Fuse together with heat WELD
Gave false hope to LEDON
Get one's ankles wet WADE
Gravitate (toward) TEND
Greek equivalent of the goddess Luna SELENE
Clues Answers
Heidi Gardner's sketch show, briefly SNL
Hires employees of a rival company POACHES
Hoofed hybrids FAUNS
Human or beast, e.g BEING
Isolate on an atoll, say ENISLE
Jones with the album 'Pick Me Up Off the Floor' NORAH
K-12 support grp PTA
Knowledge of alchemy, say ARCANA
Lake by Eastlake, Ohio ERIE
Language expressed in books rather than in speech WRITTENWORD
Like Captain Marvel HEROIC
Like someone who's clapping back SASSY
Line at a crime scene CORDON
Magazine subscriber READER
Make more bearable RELIEVE
Mani-pedi venue SPA
Massive amount TON
Material melted to make glass SAND
Maximum score from a judge at the NBA's slam dunk contest TEN
Most tenors MEN
Moves briskly like a Clydesdale TROTS
Nickname that drops 'ter' or 'lie' from the end LES
Not taking charge? FREE
On high alert VIGILANT
Ones in the fam SIBS
Only slightly ATAD
Openings for quarters COINSLOTS
Palindromic pal BUB
Payment before getting a raise? ANTE
Pet collar attachment IDTAG
Photo-sharing website acquired by SmugMug in 2018 FLICKR
Post-makeover self-description NEWME
Potential flower girl at an aunt's wedding NIECE
Process that may end with a remainder LONGDIVISION
Put trust in, with 'on' RELY
Radio studio sign ONAIR
Robert De Niro's role in 'Taxi Driver' TRAVISBICKLE
Scruffs NAPES
See 81 Down POLICE
Sheet found in a door PANE
Shows trepidation TREMBLES
Single guys' dwellings BACHELORPADS
Ski ___ (group of mountainside rescue workers) PATROL
Skipper's post HELM
Slip away ELAPSE
Slow talker of Tolkien novels ENT
Social for a child and teddy bears, perhaps TEAPARTY
Societal afflictions ILLS
Some summoned rides UBERS
Start of a proverb about deception FOOLMEONCE
State of dulled sensibility STUPOR
Sudoku grid section ROW
Supersonic vehicle JET
They often fly during pride parades RAINBOWFLAGS
Things under a bed cover? SEEDS
Thumbs-up in D.C YESVOTE
Took part in a feast ATE
Treats with a limited-edition Lady Gaga variety inspired by her 2020 album 'Chromatica' OREOS
Trees bearing cones PINES
Trimmed, as hedges PRUNED
Uncle Fester portrayer Christopher LLOYD
Vehicle driven in 'Six Feet Under' HEARSE
Verbal examination ORAL
Viking's mission RAID
W-9 info SSN
Wasn't a miser SPENT
Well-worn path BEATENTRACK
With 91 Across, 'Roxanne' band THE
___ Memorial Quilt (folk art first displayed in 1987) AIDS
___-fry STIR
___-state area TRI
___-watching (enjoying bad TV, say) HATE