L.A. Times Daily - May 30 2021

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Clues Answers
"A Doll's House" heroine NORA
"Accordingly ... " THEN
"Cast Away" setting ISLE
"Come __!": "Welcome!" ONIN
"Elder" or "Younger" Roman statesman CATO
"Let's see ... " HMM
"Look here!" OHO
"National Velvet" author Bagnold ENID
"Seinfeld" friend GEORGE
"Sesame Street" watcher TOT
"To be" is one, poetically IAMB
"Wow!" MAN
"Yuck!" FEH
"__, Inc.": 2001 film MONSTERS
1980 TV series with the episode "Harmony of the Worlds" COSMOS
About, on a memo INRE
Advanced LENT
Allied gp. since 1948 OAS
Altogether INTOTO
Anchor MOOR
Ancient ascetic ESSENE
Ancient assembly areas AGORAS
Angry reaction RISE
Annual May golf tournaments, familiarly PGAS
Awards acronym EGOT
Bank offering, for short IRA
Bic Clic __ pen STIC
Big bunch SCAD
Big name in pet food IAMS
Bleep button operator? CROSSWORDEDITOR
Brian of rock ENO
Bring out ELICIT
Busybody SNOOP
Charlemagne's realm: Abbr HRE
Chopper blade ROTOR
Clamp shape CEE
Clergyman who builds cupboards? CABINETMINISTER
Commonly green dish SALAD
Competent ABLE
Con __: briskly MOTO
Conger catcher EELER
Coop group HENS
Country name last used in 1949 SIAM
Court records ACTA
CVS pickups RXS
Dept. of Labor arm OSHA
Discreetly send a dupe email to BCC
Disturbed greatly ROCKED
Dot-commerce ETAIL
Dress style MAXI
Dundee denials NAES
Embroidery yarn CREWEL
Fall Out Boy genre EMO
Fall preceder? PRAT
Fast food magnate who once owned the San Diego Padres KROC
Fill to the max SATE
Filmmaker Riefenstahl LENI
Finished perfectly ACED
Floors STUNS
Football's Terrell, nicknamed "T.O." OWENS
Former Fords LTDS
Frat dudes BROS
Friend of Athos ARAMIS
Garr of "Tootsie" TERI
Gives forth EMITS
Ground cover SOD
Hard-to-ride horse BRONC
Clues Answers
Hindu teachers SWAMIS
Home of Hercules' lion NEMEA
Huber of tennis ANKE
Interpret READ
Invite request RSVP
Is for a few ARE
It's on the record GROOVE
Last word of "America the Beautiful" SEA
Lena of "Chocolat" OLIN
Lennon's love ONO
Leveled, with "up" TRUED
Light wood BALSA
Like much testimony SWORN
Like some blond hair DYED
Like some hard drives EXTERNAL
Links scores BOGEYS
Liveliness VERVE
Loafer, e.g SHOE
Marine snail WHELK
Marshy areas FENS
Martinique, e.g ILE
Mikey, Mouth or Chunk, in an '85 film GOONIE
Mimic's talent APERY
Mmes., in Madrid SRAS
Moved to a quieter table, say RESAT
Nabokov novel ADA
Negatively affects the flow in CONSTRICTS
No-tell motel events TRYSTS
Not Rep. or Dem IND
Offline, briefly IRL
Old apple spray ALAR
Other, to Ortiz OTRA
Part of TGIF ITS
Patient record CASEHISTORY
Pine __ NEEDLE
Pool site, often YMCA
R&B singer's hyphenated stage name NEYO
Researcher with an outgoing personality? SOCIALSCIENTIST
Retinal area subject to degeneration MACULA
RR stop STN
Schedule competitively, as a tournament SEED
Shamus TEC
Short-lived 1979 nuclear treaty SALTII
Small dogs TOYS
Songlike LYRIC
South American naval force ARMADA
Space station launched in 1973 SKYLAB
Special __ OPS
Stuns AWES
Susan B. Anthony biographer Ida Husted __ HARPER
Temporary substitute that means "place holder" in Latin LOCUMTENENS
Terry O'Quinn's "Lost" role LOCKE
They're ripped in gyms BODS
Tiny bit ATOM
Torment AGONY
Tradesperson PLYER
Turkey, mostly ANATOLIA
Turow novel set at Harvard ONEL
TV monitoring org FCC
Two-time Super Bowl QB Manning ELI
Undesirable freshness SASS
Was shy? OWED
When repeated, Cult Jam vocalist LISA
__ Barzini, Vito's rival in "The Godfather" EMILIO
__ Beach, composer of the first symphony composed by an American woman AMY
__ boom SONIC
__ Domini ANNO
__-cone SNO