- May 30 2021

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Clues Answers
''Eat!'' DIGIN
''Game of Thrones'' matriarch portrayer RIGG
''Incidentally . . .'' BYTHEBYE
''My goodness!'' IDECLARE
''The Hoosier Poet'' RILEY
'45 battleground, for short IWO
'60s ''flower child'' HIPPIE
1 or 2 DIGIT
A little encouragement NUDGE
Albany, relative to Manhattan UPSTATE
Alcoves for eating DINETTES
All too familiar TRITE
Annually PERYEAR
Any prime-time show NIGHTTHING
Appointed time HOUR
Attractant BAIT
Aussie rapper __ Azalea IGGY
Awkward guy BIGLUG
Ballerina's bend PLIE
Banished INEXILE
Be an omen of AUGUR
Beltway, for example OUTERROUTE
Blender setting CHOP
Cheery tunes LILTS
Civil rights activist Medgar EVERS
Colorado brewer COORS
Colt's comment NEIGH
Comedy routine BIT
Constantly beefing WHINY
Country singer LeAnn RIMES
Crib sheet user BABY
Currency depicting Gandhi RUPEES
Davenport dweller IOWAN
Delhi breads NAANS
Edison workday ritual NAP
Evaluation TEST
Extreme precision RIGOR
Fact preceder ARTI
Fail to be ARENT
Fill with cargo LADE
Film where Aykroyd voices a wasp ANTZ
Foam ball blasters NERFGUNS
French actress Julie DELPY
French being ETRE
Galileo Airport city PISA
Get out of town LAMIT
Get worn out TIRE
Give up trying BAGIT
Glinda in ''The Wiz'' HORNE
Great exuberance ELAN
Green for stop signs, e.g INAPTPAINT
Ground for planting EARTH
Group of islands CHAIN
Grp. with guards NBA
Guest house INN
Has no reality ISNT
Highchair attire BIB
Image consultants PRFIRMS
It means ''between'' INTER
It's not for real PUTON
Jai alai basket CESTA
Jeffersonian belief DEISM
Largest US union NEA
Lease payment RENT
Let off some steam VENT
Life stories on screen BIOPICS
Light as a feather AIRY
Line on a jouster's to-do list CLEANLANCE
Lofty lobbies ATRIA
Longtime Milwaukee brewer PABST
Loosens or lessens EASES
Clues Answers
Mane wearers LIONS
Many a state border RIVER
Military cleric PADRE
Milk production log DAIRYDIARY
Moore of films DEMI
Moving slowly INCHING
Nefarious VILE
Non-studio, for short INDIE
Nonstandard negative NAW
Numbers to crunch DATA
Oklahoma city ENID
One of the five-star admirals NIMITZ
Operatic piece DUET
Pal of Sundance BUTCH
Passover feast SEDER
Permeate IMBUE
Places for prices TAGS
Pollster's concern BIAS
Poncho opening SLIT
Preliminary races HEATS
Profundity DEPTH
Promising ROSY
Puzo topic MAFIA
Quarters for campers TENTS
Reading room needing cleaning DUSTYSTUDY
Recedes EBBS
Restaurant no-extras term PRIXFIXE
Round Table members SIRS
Run off for romance ELOPE
Russian pancakes BLINI
Sandy formations DUNES
Savage BEAST
Searches for HUNTS
Secondary strategy PLANB
Shakespearean schemer IAGO
Sharing an email with CCING
Singing ability, so to speak PIPES
Slowing of progress DELAY
Small snack BITE
Softening agent ALOE
Sophia of the cinema LOREN
Southwestern shrine ALAMO
Spectrum mnemonic slice BIV
Spectrum slice BLUE
Start a streaming marathon BEGINBINGE
Stovetop vessel SAUCEPAN
Strong bond EPOXY
Swedish supergroup ABBA
Swooped down DOVE
Take care of business SEETOIT
Technical details SPECS
Telltale sign SCENT
Telltale signs ODORS
Texter's ''I think'' IMO
They're not true LIARS
Tilt a bit LEAN
Time at a 57 Across STAY
Torso muscles PECS
Traditional Arizona dwelling ADOBEABODE
Transcript nos GPAS
Trash holders BINS
Tripped, as a trap SPRUNG
Ultimate aim ENDALL
Variety of violet PANSY
Waft up above FLOATALOFT
Web statistician Silver NATE
Wild swine BOARS
Women with nieces AUNTS
Worthy of assistance NEEDY
Yorkies, for instance YAPPERS