The Sun - Two Speed - May 30 2021

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Clues Answers
A country boy up to engage a spiritual leader DALAILAMA
Abe's assassin in cubicle BOOTH
Artificially high voice FALSETTO
Buccaneer puts traitor in baked dish PIRATE
Cattle farm RANCH
Concealment the last resort STEALTH
Conservative Brexiteer in chopper CLEAVER
Crowd around other ranks in swamp MORASS
Enact laws LEGISLATE
Encourage URGE
Exiled Tibetan cleric DALAILAMA
Goal to travel on inland sea LAGOON
Gracefully thin SLENDER
Great singer keen to make comeback DIVA
Home next to new pub INN
Horse-drawn vehicle CARRIAGE
Hostelry INN
Impulse to dump gallons in river URGE
Indivisible ONE
Jamaican believer RASTA
Make provision where member has died? LEGISLATE
Managed church and hacienda RANCH
Marsh or mire MORASS
Melody MUSIC
Messenger over time becomes royal attendant COURTIER
Monarch's adviser COURTIER
One like Marley in for a stay RASTA
Clues Answers
Pancake mixture BATTER
Petty or trifling TRIVIAL
Place for single animal in hedge STALL
Play for time STALL
Pole perhaps ultimately floats on bog SLAV
Prima donna DIVA
Reduce to pulp MASH
Repeatedly hit cricketer? BATTER
Sack: and what may be put in it! PLUNDER
Sea criminal PIRATE
Seabirds GULLS
Serb or Croat SLAV
Shallow lake LAGOON
Six in court case that's unimportant TRIVIAL
Sleepy companion timid BASHFUL
Sounds from Comus iconic MUSIC
South Bank potentially narrow SLENDER
Spiky character flat out on road? HEDGEHOG
Spined creature HEDGEHOG
Steal from PLUNDER
Strained vocal dishonest tot edited FALSETTO
These fish-eaters are fools GULLS
Tree on motorway causes crush MASH
United were victorious reportedly ONE
Unusual air and grace in deportment CARRIAGE