Universal - May 27 2021

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Clues Answers
"I Have a ___" (King speech) DREAM
"Pet Detective" of film ACEVENTURA
"Rumble in the Jungle" boxer ALI
"Superman" actor Christopher REEVE
"That's unfortunately the way it is" SADBUTTRUE
"Thus ..." ANDSO
"You ___ My Sunshine" ARE
Alexa's home? ECHO
Animals that Goodall and Fossey studied APES
Apt-sounding surname for a Barbie collector DAHL
Arctic native INUIT
Ben Solo's mother LEIA
Bit of choreography STEP
Bit of ink TAT
Brigham Young University's home PROVO
Chop or dice, e.g., informally PREP
Close, as an envelope SEAL
Collections of furniture SETS
Commercial seller ADREP
Dalmatian marking SPOT
Dawn goddess EOS
Delivery person's way in, or a hint to the tennis terms at the beginnings of 16-, 29- and 46-Across SERVICEENTRANCE
Divisive issues FAULTLINES
Doorbuster event SALE
Eight, in Buenos Aires OCHO
End of Google's URL COM
Endure LAST
Exciting book PAGETURNER
First mother EVE
Fix, as a contest RIG
Flea market caveat ASIS
French water brand EVIAN
Give up, in poker FOLD
High woodwind OBOE
Hilarious person RIOT
Hit with snowballs, say PELT
Hotshot, for short VIP
In the center of AMID
Clues Answers
Knee tear site, briefly ACL
Least decorated PLAINEST
Literary governess Jane EYRE
Lyft competitor UBER
Madonna hit with the lyric "Strike a pose" VOGUE
Many clowns can pack into one CAR
Med. plan option HMO
Messed up ERRED
More clearheaded SANER
Musical based on "La Boheme" RENT
Nicknames DUBS
Of the flock LAIC
One often overworked in Apr CPA
Org. that Snowden exposed NSA
Part of a Boy Scout uniform SASH
Position PLACE
Prefix after giga- TERA
Prolific fabulist AESOP
Rice Krispies toon SNAP
Senior's yearbook photo PORTRAIT
Simple class EASYA
Skinny and angular GAUNT
Sleeper's ailment APNEA
Streaming device ROKU
Support financially FUND
Support for concrete REBAR
Swedish furniture giant IKEA
Tarnish MAR
Toddler's dinner demand MORE
Unfasten DETACH
Verdi opera set in Egypt AIDA
Welsh dog CORGI
Wine nuance NOTE
Word after "loose" or "tight" ENDS
Words of creation in Genesis LETTHEREBELIGHT
Works at the Louvre ART
Wrap worn with mittens SCARF
___ seat (airplane choice) AISLE
___ vez (again, in Spanish) OTRA