New York Times - May 27 2021

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Clues Answers
'Affirmative' IDO
'Don't make ___!' AFUSS
'How ___ it?' WAS
'Imperio' or 'Crucio' in the Harry Potter books HEX
'Madama Butterfly' has four ARIAS
'Starter' starter NON
17-time host of the Academy of Country Music Awards MCENTIRE
Animated character who's the subject of this puzzle's theme SYLVESTER
Baubles CHARMS
Beano competitor GASX
Bureaucracy REDTAPE
Car sticker fig MSRP
City that's home to the N.C.A.A.'s College World Series OMAHA
Comfy couch accessory THROW
Counterpart of own RENT
Curator's deg MFA
Dedicated work ODE
Do some farrier's work on RESHOE
Easy to scare SKITTISH
Eightsome OCTAD
Epitome of simplicity PIE
Finally reaches ENDSUPAT
G.I. to be worried about MIA
Gentle TAME
Go at a clip TROT
Hand pic, maybe TAT
Hunger (for) ACHE
ID theft target SSN
It's been called 'the art of making a point without making an enemy' TACT
JFK alternative LGA
Kidding around JOSHING
Lines of power WIRES
Livens (up) PEPS
Looking pretty, as 58-Across would say INGOODFAITH
Mahershala of 'Green Book' ALI
Clues Answers
Major exporter of mineral water FIJI
Marching band event PARADE
Minnie's promise, as 58-Across would say WORDOFMOUTH
Moseyed along AMBLED
Movement associated with crystal healing NEWAGE
Offer from a volunteer LETME
Oreos at an ice cream parlor, say ADDIN
Pack down TAMP
Peppery salad ingredient CRESS
Producer of the Jacksons? ATM
Salon foam MOUSSE
Say all sorts of nice things GUSH
Service station offering TOW
Sight at a brewpub VAT
Sites for whirlpools SPAS
Slow-on-the-uptake cry OHIGETIT
Small stream RILL
So far ASYET
Some time ___ AGO
Something you might use a filter for SPAM
Sporting event in a ring RODEO
Subject of a squabble between airplane passengers ARMREST
Super Monkey Ball company SEGA
The Golden Bears of the N.C.A.A., familiarly CAL
Tickets CITES
Toots one's horn HONKS
Totally useless NOHELP
Tournament type OPEN
Twists into deformity GNARLS
When an armistice is signed, as 58-Across would say MOMENTOFTRUTH
When many New Year's parties begin to die down ONEAM
Word with secret or talent AGENT
Young woman living in a city, as 58-Across would say URBANMYTH
___ d'Or (Cannes award) PALME
___ Day (May 1, in Hawaii) LEI
___ rights, cause long championed by the Mattachine Society GAY