The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8602

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Clues Answers
Belch BURP
Besides; instead ELSE
Bivalve mollusc OYSTER
Containing no moisture bone dry
Doctrine of good and evil DUALISM
Establish INSTATE
July 14 in France Bastille Day
Knob on a sword handle POMMEL
Large marine mammals WALRUSES
Lazily IDLY
Learner driver's sign l-plate
Local regulations BYLAWS
Lovers' meeting TRYST
Clues Answers
Nemo's submarine (Verne) NAUTILUS
Nine-a-side game BASEBALL
Northern land in ancient writings THULE
Older relative GRAN
One paying attention LISTENER
Relating to the law LEGAL
Skill, talent ABILITY
Splashing sound PLASH
Turn in a wide circle WHEEL
Type of coffee LATTE
Very rich WEALTHY