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Clues Answers
"Awright!" YEAH
"Baywatch" actress Bingham TRACI
"I Need to Know" singer — Anthony MARC
"Kate and —" (old sitcom) ALLIE
"Open this door!" LETMEIN
"Popeye" tot SWEEPEA
"Tomb raider" Croft LARA
"Yes —!" ("You bet!") SIRREE
"You are right about that" SOITIS
"— Jacques" (kids' song) FRERE
2016 Best Director winner for "La La Land" DAMIENCHAZELLE
35mm camera type SLR
Ancestor ... or what the first word of seven answers in this puzzle can have? FOREFATHER
Architect Saarinen EERO
Arctic bird TERN
Attaches, as a seat belt STRAPSON
Australian territory in the Indian Ocean CHRISTMASISLAND
B-board overseers SYSOPS
Backless sofa DIVAN
Baseball great Mel OTT
Big tea holders URNS
Bird-built home NEST
Bouquet-bringing gp FTD
Cab ticker METER
Capital of Niger NIAMEY
Certain letter-shaped pattern, to Brits FIGUREOFEIGHT
Chaperone in "The Hunger Games" EFFIE
Chichi ARTSY
Cholesterol-lowering drugs STATINS
Christopher who played Superman REEVE
Circle section ARC
City in France ARLES
Color variations TONES
Compadre AMIGO
Compass SCOPE
Corn core COB
Defrost THAW
Did superbly on ACED
Diet drastically STARVE
Display of great daring BRAVURA
Distorts SKEWS
Dog tether LEASH
Drearily dull DRAB
Ell preceder KAY
Ending for project ILE
Ending for Siam ESE
Entrees with pastry crusts POTPIES
Fact falsifier LIAR
Finks RATS
Fireside drink COCOA
Forest array TREES
Fountain of Rome TREVI
Funnel-shaped flower AZALEA
God of Islam ALLAH
Graduation cap dangler TASSEL
Gravy-train job SINECURE
Greek deity of wisdom ATHENA
Grouchy type CRAB
Historical plaintiff — Scott DRED
Hit with an open hand SLAP
Hockey great Mikita STAN
Hoi — (the masses) POLLOI
Houston baseballers ASTROS
Ivy League school in Providence BROWNUNIVERSITY
Japanese city OSAKA
Killed, as a dragon SLAIN
Kimono-clad hostess GEISHA
Kin of -ette ESS
Clues Answers
Lavs, to Brits LOOS
Lawn turf SOD
Lead-in to byte TERA
Left-leaners LIBERALS
Letters after alphas BETAS
Like cold tea ICED
Like single-person bands ONEMAN
Little — (tykes) UNS
Localities AREAS
Loutish types YAHOOS
Mafia heads CAPOS
Manorial lord LIEGE
March Madness gp NCAA
Med. scan MRI
Mexican Mrs SRA
Meyers of late night SETH
Misstep ERROR
Naval vessel inits USS
Not too hard to carry out DOABLE
O. Henry literary device IRONY
Of formal public worship LITURGIC
Oklahoma neighbor KANSAS
On fire AFLAME
One leaving a smear SMUDGER
Parched, old-style SERE
People staring EYERS
Period ERA
Pet in an exercise wheel HAMSTER
Pfeiffer of "Cybill" DEDEE
Pile up STACK
Powder room powders TALCS
Predecessor of Andrew Johnson ABRAHAMLINCOLN
Prefix with drama DOCU
Publisher Adolph OCHS
Quarterbacks' called changes AUDIBLES
Rich wall tapestry ARRAS
Rip off ROB
School org PTA
Scots' refusals NAES
Set free RELEASE
Set on fire IGNITE
Seventh scale notes TIS
Shaker Lee ANN
Shortcoming DEFECT
Sister, say SIB
Space sphere ORB
Sporty 1990s Toyotas PASEOS
Suede, e.g LEATHER
Surgery ctrs ORS
Take on moguls SKI
Tickled Muppet ELMO
Touch down LAND
Tram cargo ORE
Trickled out SEEPED
U.S. snoop gp CIA
Uncultured COARSE
Use a surgical beam on LASE
Use the tab key, perhaps INDENT
Week's seven DAYS
Wood-cleaning product MURPHYOILSOAP
Zingy flavor TANG
Zoo collection ANIMALS
— "King" Cole NAT
— -Town (the Windy City) CHI
— -Z ('80s Camaro) IROC
— Hill, San Francisco NOB
— Sea (Asian lake) ARAL
— Vegas LAS