Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jun 11 2021

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Clues Answers
"... sting like —" ABEE
"Hail!" AVE
"Shane" star Alan LADD
911 responder EMT
Ages and ages EON
Alphabet starter ABC
Arctic sheets FLOES
Assoc ORG
Astronaut Armstrong NEIL
Attorney's profession LAW
Bean curd TOFU
Bob Marley's music REGGAE
Bring to mind RECALL
British ref. work OED
Cameo stone ONYX
Club — MED
Clumsy one KLUTZ
Couturier Christian DIOR
Cowboy's nickname TEX
Danger signs REDFLAGS
Devious SLY
Did a valet's job PARKED
Dijon denial NON
Earth sci GEOL
Envelope part FLAP
Help a hood ABET
Homer's son BART
Illinois city PEORIA
JFK regulator FAA
Jittery EDGY
Klinger portrayer FARR
Lake bird LOON
Like ganders MALE
Clues Answers
Merlot, for one REDWINE
Messes up ERRS
N. Mex. neighbor ARIZ
Narc's agcy DEA
New Age singer ENYA
Notorious FAMED
Oktoberfest dance POLKA
Out of control AMOK
Outlet letters ACDC
Patsy Cline's "— to Pieces" IFALL
Poet Federico Garcia — LORCA
Predetermine RIG
Prohibit BAN
River to the Baltic ODER
Roundish do AFRO
Scepter ROD
Scull tool OAR
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Snow White's sister ROSERED
Society newbie DEB
Substantial HEFTY
Surrounded by AMONG
Terse denial NOTI
Tertiary Period epoch EOCENE
That girl HER
Thurs. follower FRI
TV schedule abbr TBA
TV Tarzan Ron ELY
Type of light INFRARED
Volcanic flow LAVA
Wild bunch MOB
— de mer MAL