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Clues Answers
"Absolutely not!" NOSIREE
"Ali — and the Forty Thieves" BABA
"And there you have it!" TADA
"Da Ali G Show" star — Baron Cohen SACHA
"Dallas" actress fancying blue birds? SHEREEJAYWILSON
"Don't — didn't warn you!" SAYI
"Gone With the Wind" producer piling up debt? DAVIDOWESELZNICK
"Hidden Figures" actress growing podded vegetables? TARAJIPEAHENSON
"Is" pluralized ARE
"Ni-i-i-ice!" OOH
"Point taken" ISEE
"SOS" quartet ABBA
"— talk?" (Joan Rivers catchphrase) CANWE
24-hour span DAY
Actor Wheaton WIL
Arena section TIER
Assns ORGS
Astronomer Tombaugh and aviator Cessna CLYDES
Ballet dancer's rail BARRE
Basil or sage HERB
Before, to Browning ERE
Big furniture retailer IKEA
Big, ornate cupboard ARMOIRE
Car parker VALET
City in Pennsylvania ALTOONA
Conifers with red arils YEWS
Copycat APER
Counterfeit ERSATZ
Coup — (overthrow) DETAT
Cubes of hay BALES
Cutely nerdy, in slang ADORKABLE
Dawdles LAGS
Debussy's "Clair de —" LUNE
Deep bows of respect SALAAMS
Disprove BELIE
Ending for cyan- IDE
Europe-Asia border river URAL
Factory type MILL
Foot digit TOE
Format for presenting films in video form LETTERBOX
Fruit drink ADE
Funnies COMICS
Gal pal, in Paris AMIE
Generational treasures HEIRLOOMS
Govt. aid for a start-up SBALOAN
Haul in ARREST
Have a strong desire LONG
Have a strong desire YEN
Have a strong desire ACHE
Heap affection (on) DOTE
High dice roll ELEVEN
Historic time ERA
Hog's food SLOP
Hooting avian OWL
I, to Freud ICH
Inclined positions CANTS
Israelites HEBREWS
It's a thought IDEA
Jack's hill-climbing partner JILL
Jacob bought his birthright ESAU
Kenya's capital NAIROBI
Kitten's call MEW
Lab eggs OVA
Lamarr of old films HEDY
Lazy or useless OTIOSE
Listen supportively LENDANEAR
Lumber tool SAW
Many an alimony recipient EXWIFE
Meditative Chinese martial art TAICHI
Mined metals ORES
Clues Answers
More suspicious FISHIER
Musical work OPUS
Muslim ruler EMIR
New Hampshire city KEENE
NFL goals TDS
Novelist Hawthorne NATHANIEL
Old Egypt-Syr. alliance UAR
Old Testament prophet MALACHI
Old TV's "— Na Na" SHA
One ousted EVICTEE
Onion relative LEEK
Otherwise called, in brief AKA
Pair for the slopes SKIS
Perch's kin BASS
Performed DID
Pibb — (soda brand) XTRA
Pilsners, e.g LAGERS
Placed in a carafe BOTTLED
Post-WWII alliance NATO
Prefix with discrimination NON
Prefix with discrimination ANTI
Quattro carmaker AUDI
Quiet spells LULLS
Rabbit's kin HARE
Receptacle in a kitchen sink DISHPAN
Refuses to WONT
Remedial regimen THERAPY
Road runner AUTO
Rosemary player Farrow MIA
Runner or writer Packer ANN
Sacred vow OATH
Sailor's saint ELMO
Sci-fi writer going on cruises? ARTHURSEACLARKE
Send off EMIT
She baas EWE
Short snooze NAP
Show clearly EVINCE
Some city planners ZONERS
Some reptiles SNAKES
Speak wildly RANT
Split-off religions SECTS
Sports domes STADIA
Spurs' gp NBA
Stamps on passports VISAS
Steam locomotive, in old lingo IRONHORSE
Styx and The Stones BANDS
Swung sticks BATS
Table support LEG
Taken in food EATEN
Ten: Prefix DECA
They precede omegas PSIS
This, in Spain ESTA
Tibetan monk LAMA
Trees with very light wood BALSAS
Turns sharply VEERS
Tuskegee University founder steeping beverages? BOOKERTEAWASHINGTON
U.S. president ordering steeds to turn right? WARRENGEEHARDING
Underworld HELL
Value highly ESTEEM
Verdi opera AIDA
Vicinity AREA
Voluptuous SEXY
Website for finding homestays AIRBNB
Winter footwear item BOOT
Women's suffragist keeping an apiary? SUSANBEEANTHONY
Year, in Paris ANNEE
— -cone SNO
— Lanka SRI