- May 25 2021

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Clues Answers
''Do __ others . . .'' UNTO
''Hey you!'' hiss PSST
''Huge'' prefix for bucks MEGA
''Small world, __ it?'' ISNT
''Sure, sign me up!'' IMIN
''Yeah? Just watch me!'' ICANSO
Act moody MOPE
Arrangement of guests at a banquet SEATINGPLAN
Arrest, informally NAB
Authors of verses POETS
Bills and coins CASH
Birth-related NATAL
Body of salt water SEA
Brought a smile to AMUSED
Brought to a close ENDED
Bugs Bunny or Bart Simpson TOON
Castle's watery ring MOAT
Charitable TV spot PSA
Chinese percussion instruments GONGS
Commercials and billboards ADS
Costa __ Sol (resort region of Spain) DEL
Decorator's palette COLORSCHEME
Diarist __ Frank ANNE
Dining surface TABLE
Dollar bill ONE
Dress of India SARI
Fat used for frying LARD
Female family member SISTER
Former abbr. for Russia USSR
Fraction of a pound OUNCE
Fully informed AWARE
Fundamentals ABCS
Give feedback REACT
Go back on a promise RENEGE
Guard dog's warning GRR
Hangs on to KEEPS
Have debts OWE
Initial poker stake ANTE
Clues Answers
Lullaby or ballad SONG
Main dish ENTREE
Make possible ENABLE
Man in a choir TENOR
March Madness org NCAA
Minor obstacles SNAGS
Misplace LOSE
Morning droplets on grass DEW
Octopus cousin SQUID
Outsanding school grade APLUS
Overact EMOTE
Overflowed from a glass SPILT
Part of a BLT TOMATO
Part of TGIF ITS
Pertaining to sound SONIC
Ready to harvest RIPE
Scatter around STREW
Sesame-__ bun SEED
Small amt. of sugar TSP
Small front porch STOOP
Small land parcel QUARTERACREPLOT
Smooth out creases IRON
Spider's creation WEB
Striped African equine ZEBRA
Strongly suggest URGE
Taco topping SALSA
Take a bold chance DARE
Take home from a pet shelter ADOPT
Taxi fare calculator METER
Thick, as fog DENSE
Totals up ADDS
Town square structure GAZEBO
Trumpet blast BLARE
Variety of pear BOSC
Vow under oath SWEAR
What something costs PRICE
Woodwind instrument OBOE
__ out a living (barely managing) EKING
__ Says (children's game) SIMON