New York Times - May 25 2021

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Clues Answers
'How ridiculous!' THATSCRAZYTALK
'Impo-o-ossible!' NOFRIGGINWAY
'Not just that ...' EVENBETTER
'Oh, come on now!' GETOUTTAHERE
'On it!' CANDO
'This Gun for ___' (film noir classic) HIRE
'___ and Luther' (onetime Disney Channel sitcom) ZEKE
Actress Reid of 'Sharknado' TARA
Adolescent outburst? ACNE
Attacked HADAT
Awards for some hunters BOUNTIES
Bouts of crying, say JAGS
Bug repellent ingredient DEET
Capital of West Germany BONN
Cartoonist William who created Shrek STEIG
Clarice Starling's employer in 'The Silence of the Lambs,' in brief FBI
Comedian Margaret CHO
Commoner PLEB
Country once joined with Egypt as the United Arab Republic: Abbr SYR
Court cutups JESTERS
Doolittle of 'Pygmalion' ELIZA
E.R.A. or R.B.I STAT
Evidence of a recent scrape SCAB
Expensive Super Bowl purchases TVADS
First hit by the Moody Blues (whose title ends with an exclamation point) GONOW
First noble gas to be discovered ARGON
Gesture meaning 'thank you' BOW
Go here and there ROVE
God who wields the hammer Mjölnir THOR
Grind, as the teeth GNASH
Handicraft website ETSY
Harsh cleaning agent LYE
Hot seasoning made with peppers CHILISAUCE
Lead-in to fall PRAT
Literature Nobelist Morrison TONI
Little Rock-to-Chicago dir NNE
Clues Answers
Longtime singing competition hosted by Carson Daly THEVOICE
Many a graduate of 37-Across: Abbr ENGR
New York Liberty's org WNBA
North Atlantic shipping menace BERG
Output from a sci-fi weapon RAY
Part of the body mentioned in 'Oh! Susanna' KNEE
Party line? CONGA
Photo-sharing app, familiarly INSTA
Pompeii, e.g RUIN
Quiet place to pray APSE
Really eager AGOG
Reminder of an old flame? ASHES
Rival of Hydrox cookies OREOS
Rocky outcropping CRAG
Said 'nay' VOTEDNO
Saying 'nay' ANTI
Showed up CAME
Singer Brickell EDIE
Snookums HONEY
Soccer superstar Cristiano RONALDO
Something for a chef to have on hand? MITT
Sport with clay targets SKEET
Start of every ZIP code in Washington, D.C TWO
Store clearance event BIGSALE
Tear down RAZE
Tech sch. in Troy, N.Y RPI
The Jetsons' dog ASTRO
Thesaurus eponym ROGET
Thomas Hardy title heroine TESS
Throng HORDE
Timber wolf LOBO
Turns sharply, as an aircraft YAWS
What some ships and hearts do SINK
Winery container CASK
With no exceptions BARNONE
Word with fishing or lightning ROD
___ Prize, annual award in mathematics ABEL