Irish Times (Crosaire) - May 25 2021

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Clues Answers
A herb doctor produced a course of treatment REHAB
A name given to the FBI by barman taking ecstasy with Poles over time AGENTS
Bread and port is a concern for the author taking an interest while handing over notes MONEYLENDING
Brings up great and minor criticisms in The Queen's defence? STING
Can't live without grape juice and it's unavoidable NEEDSMUST
Classy keepsakes in 1984 perhaps? Top secret! YEARBOOKS
Drinks before closing time leads to insulting exchange between those splitting PARTINGSHOTS
Gives credit to steel band losing a bet LENDS
Go beyond The Convention Centre to find arena clad in iron INFRINGE
Held a map out helping the viewer to see in the dark HEADLAMP
Hoes ground around river - presumably the Russian Don? HORSE
It's miles away perhaps from baked beans on top of toast ABSENT
Lose it in rave HAVEATANTRUM
Many French monarchs had this name for a fair amount of Indian area on Texas border LOUISIANA
Clues Answers
No art in satirical piece coming from The Stones perhaps SILICA
Novice is inseparable from a handful of missing people LONESOME
Saving for various nice rugs RESCUING
See orphan off with those primed for a private reception? EARPHONES
Showed affection on The Road for director behind clip of German city CARESSED
Similar to one of those in 15 down going to public house welcomed by the German gathering of club members once a year ANNUALDINNER
Small admission by one of those at The Gate SENTRY
Sutherland dismisses nuts in the paper HERALD
The answer is in the clue? SOLUTION
The exclusive group in Switzerland love putting up tree house, for the most part CHOSEN
The original po-faced gangster PRIMAL
The residue from the fire pit ultimately from fishes containing the remains of those that have been smoked ASHTRAYS
US State address at old, old city institute MISSOURI
What you might call someone in Munich who isn't a bad loser? DIETER