Irish Times (Simplex) - May 25 2021

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Clues Answers
''Hamlet, ... of Denmark'' PRINCE
''If ... be the food of love, play on'' (Twelfth Night) MUSIC
Antipodean marsupial KANGAROO
Appraise critically REVIEW
Apprise, notify INFORM
Black substance in cigarettes TAR
Broad view of scenery LANDSCAPE
Compensate for or counterbalance OFFSET
Containers for rubbish SKIPS
Curved cavalry swords SABRES
Decrease, lessen DIMINISH
Die by inhaling liquid DROWN
Entry by force by an army INVASION
Facial hair WHISKERS
Gems and precious metals JEWELS
Gradual increase in loudness CRESCENDO
Highest levels of development ACMES
Clues Answers
Instrument for viewing internal body parts ENDOSCOPE
Loud warning signal SIREN
Lustrous structure found in a shell PEARL
Made beer BREWED
Massive Egyptian monuments PYRAMIDS
Opinion or position on something ATTITUDE
Pausing uncertainly FALTERING
Pointed beard GOATEE
Porous substance to soak up SPONGE
Portion of a circle ARC
Ran away to get married ELOPED
Right, acute or obtuse ANGLE
Scatters liquid SPLASHES
Sets of instructions for a computer PROGRAMS
Showing extreme courage HEROIC
Trench DITCH
What person? WHO
Woodland fairy ELF