USA Today - Jul 4 2021

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Clues Answers
#ootd, for example HASHTAG
'How ___ we get here?' DID
'Take this' HERE
'The School for Good and ___' EVIL
'This is so frustrating!' ARGH
American pale ___ ALE
Beach day weather, often HEAT
Call from a kitty MEOW
Chocolate coins wrapped in gold or silver foil GELT
Cloths for spills RAGS
Completely flummoxed LOSTATSEA
Declare untrue DENY
Each and every one ALL
Ease off ABATE
Elevator entrance DOOR
Ever so slightly ATAD
Excellent SUPERB
Feeling toward a bestie LOVE
Female bird HEN
Fish often grilled over an open flame EEL
Forever youthful AGELESS
Fruits juiced for prik nam pla LIMES
Fuel for big rigs DIESEL
Goes ballistic RAGES
Gushing review RAVE
Handwashing step RINSE
In addition TOO
Initials hidden in 'makes predictions' ESP
Largest alpine lake in North America TAHOE
Lions and tigers and bears ANIMALS
Makes a choice OPTS
Maryland newspaper THEBALTIMORESUN
Metaphor for willful ignorance HEADINTHESAND
Milestone for a startup (Abbr.) IPO
Monetary obligation DEBT
More accurate TRUER
Mushroom not to be served raw MOREL
Music for a movie SCORE
Neither here ___ there NOR
Clues Answers
Oohed and ___ AAHED
Partner in battle ALLY
Performed on set ACTED
Place to learn jiujitsu DOJO
Prefix that's half of 'hex-' TRI
Pueblo Revolt fighters HOPI
Regular guy AVERAGEJOE
Rice dish cooked in a shallow pan PAELLA
Roll of the dice THROW
Rumspringa participants AMISH
Scalpel material STEEL
Secluded valley GLEN
Ships out SENDS
Short-spoken TERSE
Slow mammals that hang upside down SLOTHS
Sock material WOOL
Soldiers who stand sentry outside the West Wing MARINES
Some varsity players (Abbr.) SRS
Somewhat, informally SORTA
Spectators' jeers BOOS
Sticky square POSTITNOTE
Suffix for 'conscious' NESS
Takes the bait BITES
Takes to court SUES
Tax org IRS
Tender cut of meat LOIN
Testing facility LAB
That, in Spanish ESO
Thirteen-member oil grp OPEC
Unspoken TACIT
Use bait on TEMPT
Vote of approval YEA
Weep out loud SOB
When compared with THAN
Without aid ALONE
Worked with needle and thread SEWED
___ gong (Chinese for 'hubby') LAO
___ over (read carefully) PORE
___-fartsy ARTSY