Boston Globe - May 30 2010

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Clues Answers
'All I Wanna Do' singer SHERYLWORC
'Bene' preceder NOTA
'Hulk' star Eric BANA
'I believe...' METHINKS
'Make thee __ of gopher wood' (Gen. 6:14) ANARK
'Medium' star ARQUETTE
'Spring ahead' hrs. DST
'The Good Earth' heroine OLAN
'The Producers'' dozen TONYS
'The Simpsons' bartender MOE
'Trompe l'__' (illusion) OEIL
'__ dust!' EATMY
'__ fallen and...' IVE
117 Down's successor DDE
1492 or 1776, e.g. LANIDRACNUMBER
1964 Nobel Peace Prize recipient NITRAMLUTHERKING
A DiMaggio brother DOM
Accept the embarrassment WOLLAWSYOURPRIDE
Addams cousin ITT
Advice in case of nuclear attack? KCUDANDCOVER
Affirmative actions NODS
Arm bone ULNA
Ashen WAN
Atahualpa's subjects INCAS
Aussie bounder ROO
Backstage bunch CREW
Based on 7 HEPTAL
Big Apple paper, for short NYT
Birds do it, bees do it FLY
Blue Nile source lake TANA
Brain protector SKULL
Broom made of twigs BESOM
Can be located ARE
Candied veggie YAM
Car buyer's protection LEMONLAW
Castilian kinsman TIO
Chapel Hill sch. UNC
Chargers STEEDS
Chevy El Camino, e.g. UTE
Clickable pic ICON
Columnist Kupcinet IRV
Composes CALMS
Cool dude CAT
Court divider, in Pig Latin ETNAY
Cuts corners? DICES
Dawn goddess EOS
Director's cry CUT
Do-Right's troop MOUNTIES
Dorm supervisors (abbr.) RAS
Earlier than ERE
Emergency fund of a sort MADMONEY
Enrages IRES
Fact-finding mission RECON
Far-out orbital points APHELIA
Finish second PLACE
Forget-me-__ NOTS
Front porch VERANDA
Go for the gold? PAN
Group of wds. PHR
Handheld power tool SABERSAW
Hangout for fishing hobbyists THEDOCKS
He met with LBJ in 1967 KOSYGIN
Hired soldier, for short MERC
Hybrid red-wine grape NOIRET
Isabella, 'por ejemplo' REINA
Its capital is Suva FIJI
Kauai keepsake LEI
Knee-injury site, for short ACL
Knocking noise RATATAT
Lather SUDS
Clues Answers
Latin 101 word AMO
Mauna __ KEA
Meth. SYST
Miami-born one-name rapper TRINA
Most foulmouthed SALTIEST
Mustard variety DIJON
Niña's companion PINTA
Nonprofit's URL end DOTORG
Not med. or lge. SML
Old Mideast org. UAR
Old sketch-comedy show SCTV
One with a splitting headache? DIVORCEE
Only posthumous Best Actor Oscar winner PETERHCNIF
Osso buco base VEAL
Part of P.E.I. ISL
Pedigree org. AKC
Pitching star Nomo HIDEO
Potsdam pronoun SIE
President born furthest from Washington, D.C. OBAMA
Pt. in a polygon VER
Puget Sound city TACOMA
Punk-rock subgenre EMO
Re printing (abbr.) TYP
Red wines CLARETS
Relinquish WAIVE
Reply to 'Shall we?' LETS
Rice-__ ARONI
Salami city GENOA
School of thought ISM
See 122 Across PAUL
Seek damages SUE
Shade of blue SKY
Shelter adoptee STRAY
Shot, perhaps VACCINE
Showtime's '__ Word' THEL
Slangy suffix for glitter ATI
Sleepy Hollow schoolmaster ICHABODENARC
Smallish battery AACELL
Snake's warning SSS
Some Opel autos KADETTS
Space-bar neighbor ALT
Stevenson villain HYDE
Suffers from HAS
Summertime quenchers ICETEAS
Sunscreen additive ALOE
Take __ view of ADIM
Texter's closest pal MYBFF
They take the cake OVENS
Thimblerigger's item PEA
Thirsty DRY
Tie up the phone GAB
Trivial PIDDLY
Trouble in River City POOL
Univ. mil. group ROTC
USPS cargo (abbr.) LTRS
V-J Day pres. HST
Vein (prefix) PHLEBO
Wall St. wheeler-dealer ARB
What 'audio' means IHEAR
Whimsical DROLL
Why I wrote this puzzle? JUSTFORAKRAL
With 106 Down, electric-guitar pioneer LES
World capital since 1923 ANKARAYEKRUT
Worse than ever ATALOW
Xbox aficionados GAMERS
Zugspitze, for one ALP
__-mo replay SLO