USA Today - Jul 3 2021

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Clues Answers
'Can't wait!' OHBOY
'FBI' actress Ward SELA
'Heads or tails' tosses COINFLIPS
'If nothing ___ . . .' ELSE
'Silly rabbit, Trix are for ___!' KIDS
'Top Chef' group PANEL
'___ I Rise' STILL
'___ You My Mother?' ARE
A bit wet DAMP
Actress Suvari MENA
Be full of it LIE
Beach volleyball surface SAND
Became rigid TENSED
Big performance venue ARENA
Bonobo, e.g APE
Brazen BRASH
Brownish-yellow color OCHER
Bulldog or beagle, e.g BREED
Bumpy amphibian TOAD
Celtics center who was a 12-time All-Star BILLRUSSELL
City that's home to the Gasparilla Pirate Festival TAMPA
Clumsy person OAF
Commuter's annoyance DELAY
Creature from another planet ALIEN
Do some doodling DRAW
Draped garment SHAWL
Eating regimens DIETS
Ego Nwodim's show, for short SNL
End a career RETIRE
Entice LURE
Extinct bird DODO
Food in corn husks TAMALES
Go on and on and on GAB
Helpful item for a tourist MAP
Helps out AIDS
Huge number of people LEGION
It might be accompanied by subtitles AUDIO
Jazz saxophonist ___ 'Lucky' Thompson ELI
Key above Caps Lock TAB
Clues Answers
Law that covers accessible design (Abbr.) ADA
Like the blue emotion in 'Inside Out' SAD
Name shared by two Spice Girls MEL
Neither's partner NOR
Norah O'Donnell's employer CBSNEWS
Nosy person SNOOP
Not bad, not great SOSO
Official proclamation EDICT
Out cold ASLEEP
Pained cry YELP
Person from Edinburgh SCOT
Phillipa of 'Hamilton' SOO
Potato bags SACKS
Prefix for 'warrior' or 'friendly' ECO
Put aside for later STOREAWAY
Recede EBB
Rotisserie rods SPITS
Save, Undo and Print, e.g MENUOPTIONS
Second Greek letter BETA
Site with handmade goods ETSY
Skin opening PORE
Squirrel's nut ACORN
Super- UBER
Supplement ADDTO
Tart green drink LIMEADE
Teeny-tiny WEE
Tendon SINEW
Three-pronged spears TRIDENTS
Three-wheeled bike TRICYCLE
Totally silly INANE
Trees that provide shade ELMS
UFO shape DISC
Up to the task CAPABLE
What Clearasil treats ACNE
Word before 'roast' or 'sticker' POT
Your and my OUR
___ on (shower with love) DOTE
___ wide net (try lots of different things) CASTA
___ yang (Thai grilled pork) MOO