USA Today - Jun 28 2021

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Clues Answers
'Exactly right!' BINGO
'Funny!' HAH
'Look what I did!' TADA
'My lips ___ sealed' ARE
'Please reconsider' DONT
'Russian Doll' actress Lyonne NATASHA
'Seahorse' subject Freddy McConnell, e.g DAD
'___ in the Water' WADE
Appear to be SEEM
Australia's national gemstone OPAL
Backbone SPINE
Blue-tagged canvas sneakers KEDS
Born from an egg HATCHED
Bottle rocket trajectories ARCS
Caboose's position REAR
Calculated a sum ADDED
Center of activity HUB
Close relatives of humans APES
Combo salon service MANIPEDI
Comedian DeLaria LEA
Crafts website ETSY
Critically important moment DOORDIETIME
Defusing an awkward situation BREAKINGTHEICE
Doesn't share HOGS
Door handle KNOB
Enjoy some cholent EAT
Entomologist Jessica WARE
Envision SEE
Event for new performers OPENMIC
Fast-forward through SKIP
First leg of a triathlon SWIM
Full arm tattoo SLEEVE
Gaining momentum PICKINGUPSTEAM
Green stir-fry ingredient PEAPOD
Inner part CORE
Items in a pocket protector PENS
Jennifer Beals' character on 'The L Word' BETTE
Joshua Jennifer Espinoza, for one POET
Lab eggs OVA
Clues Answers
Lab worker TECH
Legendary EPIC
Like Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard BARE
Mine and yours OURS
National Bike to Work Day month MAY
Nine-digit ID (Abbr.) SSN
Nintendo avatar MII
Noah's boat ARK
Not shallow DEEP
Number in a bio AGE
Performs in character ACTS
Podcast interruptions ADS
Poke fun at TEASE
Prefix meaning 'all' OMNI
Prefix meaning 'partially' SEMI
Protein in a poke bowl AHI
Quintana ___, Mexico ROO
Red ___ paste BEAN
Small stick TWIG
Snowman's arm BRANCH
Some rideshares UBERS
Sorrowful SAD
Spiciness HEAT
Start making every shot GETHOT
Sticky stuff GOO
Strait-___ LACED
Strong desire URGE
Suffix for 'lemon' or 'lime' ADE
The O in HMO (Abbr.) ORG
Tigger's bear friend POOH
Tortilla chip topping NACHOCHEESE
Truth alternative at a slumber party DARE
Trying to stay afloat TREADINGWATER
Urban haze SMOG
Won every game SWEPT
___ on the side of caution ERR
___-prone skin ACNE