- May 22 2021

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Clues Answers
#1 White House nickname, alphabetically ABE
''Easy peasy'' NOPROBLEM
'50s command for Bogart CAINE
53 Across category POME
Altruism accomplished AID
Apt rhyme for ''fly'' HIE
Asian marauder in a Norse tale ATLI
Ballerina's tiptoe POINTE
Bien-aimée CHERIE
Broadcast breaks TVSPOTS
Broke down CRIED
Business off center stage SIDESCENE
Business to stop at INN
Cardinals or Coyotes, in brief ARI
Care not about the neighbors, perhaps BLASTAWAY
Certain face-covering feature EYEHOLE
Chesapeake fishery supplies CRABTRAPS
Contents of a Shakespearean pot ALE
Do a lot more than peek OGLE
Do over a walkway, say RETILE
Docs with Botox DERMS
Find accidentally HITON
Fl. oz. fraction TSP
Free of foliage BARE
Get a cast credit for ACTIN
Grammy category OPERA
If you believe PER
Informal invitation CMONIN
It's fitted at the hip ALINE
Made a ''messy'' manicure SPATTERED
Major employer ARMY
Make something new of REDEVELOP
Metaphorical obsession BEE
Mothers in mud SOWS
Move in ice dancing LEAP
Clues Answers
Name once a ''Liz'' alternative ELLEN
Nickname for José PEPE
Occupations that go nowhere SITINS
Office upgrade overseer ITMANAGER
One use for bread SOP
Onetime Navajo foe UTE
Opposite indicator NON
Opposite of a ''Tell me more'' message TMI
Other ways to say ''Aye!'' YESES
Pages at a kiosk MAG
Park installations LAMPPOSTS
Part of an AFB address APO
Produce from the Northwest WASHINGTONAPPLE
Protectant for boats and bats PINETAR
Puff filler CREME
Reminiscent of Saharan transportation HUMPY
Return from the right LAPSE
Rhode Island Reds' prides BROWNEGGS
Settle with REPAY
Snap PIC
Someone like you PEER
Sports page stats DEFEATS
They're handled at the beach PAILS
Topical relievers BALMS
V up high GEESE
Walked on, as wet grass TAMPED
Wasn't overruled STOOD
What a valet is asked to do TIEATIE
What are needed to say ''Aye!'' GLOTTISES
What might hold a caster SOFALEG
What shapes Brie, or covers it MOLD
Wise words ADAGE
With 14 Down, some defense contractors AEROSPACE