The Washington Post - May 21 2021

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Clues Answers
'80s-'90s group, informally GENY
'Get back to us' letters RSVP
'Nattering nabobs of negativism' speaker AGNEW
2018 CVS Health acquisition AETNA
Agreements just between us? PRIVATEAYES
Assorted caustic solutions? PACKOFLYES
Assumed moniker ANONYM
Battle VIE
Bill collectors? TILLS
Blade in the water OAR
Buccaneer's buds MATEYS
Celebs NAMES
Churchillian gestures VSIGNS
Con artist's aide SHILL
Distribution word APIECE
Doomed boat in 'Jaws' ORCA
Elitist SNOOT
Fight decision TKO
Five-mL medicine dose TSP
Gas-absorbing mixture SODALIME
Got on the board SCORED
Hereditary ruler DYNAST
Incoming words IMHERE
Intense suffering AGONY
Isn't right ERRS
Jacket material? BLURB
Jungfrau, e.g ALP
Just like that INASNAP
Kind of rock EMO
Lady __: Tenn. college team VOLS
Letters seen between * and # OPER
Like some winks SLY
Longtime syrup brand KARO
Look the wrong way? LEER
Medium strength? ESP
Mil. category NCO
Mineral hardness scale MOHS
Clues Answers
Motorhome stopover, for short RVLOT
Nemeses FOES
Not much ATAD
One traditionally drawn at dawn PISTOL
Pac-12 athlete UTE
Polite texting letters PLS
Power-saving mode SLEEP
Prefix with arid or dry SEMI
Pretense of being a brute? TOUGHGUISE
Prized smokes CUBANS
Quick and unexpected exits? IMPULSEBYES
Raise canines? TEETHE
Receiving annoying questions? GETTINGWHYS
Resort WNW of Breckenridge VAIL
Retired, maybe INBED
Rigid pattern LOCKSTEP
Romeo or Juliet TEEN
Seize like Caesar CARPE
Short-lived '80s-'90s cars that sounded like they should always work YUGOS
Singer/songwriter __ Mia PIA
Sisters pop duo __ & AJ ALY
Soap dish? TVIDOL
Some snowmobiles SKIDOOS
Space balls? ORBS
Speak, as thou might SAYST
Sports scholarship org NCAA
Stick-in-the-mud STODGY
Stock sector TECH
Trickster in 'American Gods' LOKI
Type of nerve or artery ULNAR
Type units ENS
Vatican jurisdiction HOLYSEE
Very bright NEON
Vitals checker, briefly EMT
With a sound mind LUCIDLY
Words that might expose a bluff ICALL