Universal - May 21 2021

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Clues Answers
"Beyond cool!" EPIC
"Classic" soda COKE
"Makes sense" ISEE
"Obey me!" DOASISAY
"Wahoo!" YAY
"Westworld" star ___ Rachel Wood EVAN
'90s hip-hop purchase RAPCD
Actor Bridges BEAU
Bothersome person PEST
Bright fish in aquariums TETRAS
Broke a fast ATE
Certain table's support TRESTLE
Check time PAYDAY
Chef's workplace KITCHEN
Chicago paper's nickname, with "The" TRIB
Chimpanzee or bonobo APE
Cost of applying FEE
Creamy pasta sauce ALFREDO
Cubs' homes DENS
December hrs. in Denver MST
Desert in Mongolia, casually THEGOBI
Disney queen voiced by Idina Menzel ELSA
Draft pick? ALE
Express lane unit ITEM
Has no obvious flaws SEEMSOK
Hi, in Hawaii ALOHA
Horror director Roth ELI
How some rules are set INSTONE
How the teams start in most games TIED
Improve, as skills HONE
Infamous Roman tyrant NERO
Invitation initials RSVP
Like 1-Down VAST
Like a dog's nose, typically WET
Like an elephant HEAVY
Like Mandarin Chinese TONAL
Lyft offering RIDE
Clues Answers
Madison Square Garden, for one ARENA
Military trainee CADET
Mister, in Mexico SENOR
More than more than enough? AMPLER
Muster enough courage GETUPTHENERVE
One with many followers IDOL
Org. that recognizes the rarity of eagles? PGA
Pain-relieving patch maker BENGAY
Palindromic cookware brand OXO
Patronized, as a restaurant DINEDAT
Peak performance? YODEL
Prepared for a surprise party, say HID
Projections on the wall at LAX? ETDS
Provoke GOAD
Purina competitor IAMS
Reaching an agreement ... or, parsed differently, what the starts of 20-, 34- and 40-Across are? COMINGTOTERMS
Recover HEAL
Richard of "Chicago" GERE
Sat on the throne REIGNED
Schmear go-with LOX
Simplicity EASE
Situated on ATOP
Some swanky watches ROLEXES
Squeaky mouse, perhaps CATTOY
Suffering from cabin fever STIRCRAZY
Summit APEX
Travel site since 1996 EXPEDIA
Travel, in sci-fi TELEPORT
TwitchCon, for one EXPO
Uses one's cellphone while abroad ROAMS
Vowel-shaped girder IBEAM
What to do on Yom Kippur ATONE
Without ethics AMORAL
Woodworking tool: Var ADZ
Word after "high" or "seven" SEAS
You may balance on one in the water WAKEBOARD
___ and kicking ALIVE
___ B. Wells (civil rights icon) IDA