The Sun - Two Speed - May 20 2021

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Clues Answers
Angry as a deserter? RATTY
Battle of 216 BC CANNAE
Best kept NEATEST
Bird, small, up in hole PEEWIT
Broadcast duration AIRTIME
Champagne-producing city REIMS
Club porter? CADDIE
Corn spike EAR
Daughter with tool for Sir Francis DRAKE
Distinguished NOTABLE
English bishops fade away EBB
Exciting situation DRAMA
Female monarch one having vacated Clytha ERICA
French location in many papers reported REIMS
Golden couple's family helper? AUPAIR
Golfing assistant CADDIE
Good dressing but a little light? GLINT
Halloween gourd PUMPKIN
Heathen in field wounded INFIDEL
Heather genus ERICA
Hero-worship ADULATION
Hold dear companion quietly leaving to die CHERISH
Homeric epic ILIAD
How not to run a ship? AGROUND
I'm irate having changed when show must go on? AIRTIME
Irritable RATTY
Lapwing PEEWIT
Clues Answers
Live-in nanny AUPAIR
Long story in Swahili a drag ILIAD
Luther's reformed cheat HUSTLER
Male waterfowl DRAKE
Mum clothes a nice man in purple MAGENTA
One making the cut? KNIFE
Opponent ENEMY
Purplish red MAGENTA
Recede EBB
Severely plain AUSTERE
Sharp cutlery item KNIFE
Show first tot of whisky? DRAMA
Simple Australian tree chopped up AUSTERE
Some bearing gift for music EAR
Some Nazarene: mysterious adversary ENEMY
Sparkle GLINT
Stun gun TASER
Stunner posed again looking northward TASER
Swindler HUSTLER
Take food into cosy place: most tidy NEATEST
To laud in a new excess of flattery ADULATION
Treasure CHERISH
Treat furs crumpled in foil FRUSTRATE
Unbeliever INFIDEL
Vegetable to drain needing stock PUMPKIN
VIP turned up on board NOTABLE
Where Carthaginians triumphed Scots can't CANNAE