Wall Street Journal - May 20 2021 - In Half

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Clues Answers
“Giant” author Ferber EDNA
“Live ___” (Taco Bell slogan) MAS
“Only Time” artist ENYA
“Perfect, pristine, primal object,” according to Julia Child EGG
“Soul Queen of New Orleans” Thomas IRMA
“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” aunt VIV
Abbr. preceding a person’s POV IMO
Acting legend Hagen UTA
African cobras ASPS
Artists Against Fracking co-founder ONO
Award with a Best Upset category ESPY
Ballpark events, or what 17-, 31- and 48-Across all have DOUBLEHEADERS
Certain assessments of first-year employees SIXMONTHREVIEWS
Close NEAR
Conjugal promise IDO
Cry of disgust FIE
Cut down SLAY
Cyan kin TEAL
Default RENEGE
Deli choice BLT
Driver on a movie lot ADAM
Extremely MOST
Field fraction ACRE
First stringers ATEAM
Fleck with a banjo BELA
Former owner of Skype EBAY
Game that includes the Selenitic Age MYST
Grammy-winning singer James ETTA
Grateful reply IOWEYOU
Have a meltdown? THAW
Hiking org.? NFL
It’s not to be questioned DOGMA
Judges and juries TRIERS
Lane in DC? LOIS
Like some U.S. pks NATL
Luncheon follower ETTE
Matching cardigan and pullover sweater TWINSET
Clues Answers
Mexican misters SENORES
Muscat residents OMANIS
NaCl, in Nicaragua SAL
Output of Fagradalsfjall LAVA
Pale yellow cheese EDAM
Piano piece RAG
Pic-sharing app, informally INSTA
Pit-Fighter producer ATARI
Pompous quality EGO
Prepare, as doughnut holes DEEPFRY
Principle behind the need for seat belts INERTIA
Protagonist of Zola’s “Germinal” ETIENNE
Pulitzer-winning novelist James AGEE
Record book suffix EST
Regarding ASTO
Salamander planned to be added to the design of Mexico’s 50-peso note by 2022 AXOLOTL
Seal the win ICEIT
Shipping option RAIL
Shot source HYPO
Simba, when held aloft by Rafiki LIONCUB
Skier Ingemar Stenmark’s country: Abbr SWE
Slippery stuff LUBE
Supporting arguments PROS
Swindle CON
Tech exec, for short CIO
They may be replaced with asterisks FOURLETTERWORDS
They’re not grounded TWOPRONGOUTLETS
Thin as ___ AREED
Tin mints? ALTOIDS
Torque symbol TAU
U.S. capital when Washington was inaugurated NYC
Variety show set in Kornfield Kounty HEEHAW
Violates a treaty, perhaps REARMS
Vitriol BILE
Waze suggestion: Abbr RTE
With skill ABLY