- May 17 2021

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Clues Answers
''Coconut custard'' dessert PIE
''Not guilty,'' for one PLEA
''Rhyming'' playground for little kids TOTLOT
''Understand?'' GETIT
''You've got mail'' Web company AOL
10 __ OR LESS (express checkout sign) ITEMS
Absolutely perfect IDEAL
Amount of medicine to take DOSE
And others: Abbr ETAL
Applaud CLAP
At that time THEN
Attention-getting whisper PSST
Avoid artfully EVADE
Ballpark officials, for short UMPS
Banister RAIL
Banquet host EMCEE
Big-beaked tropical bird TOUCAN
Blab a secret TELL
Cable service's show saver: Abbr DVR
Change with the times ADAPT
Colorado or California STATE
Compare (to) LIKEN
Daydreamer's condition HEADINTHECLOUDS
Dollar fractions CENTS
Dry as a desert ARID
Earth's natural satellite MOON
Emphatic typeface: Abbr ITAL
Facts and figures DATA
Fencing sword EPEE
General vicinity AREA
Glances at SEES
Good buddies PALS
Hawaiian feast LUAU
How takeout orders are placed TOGO
Human rights org ACLU
Incoming plane stats: Abbr ETAS
Japanese martial-arts warrior NINJA
Machine's opening for coins SLOT
Make a change to ALTER
Clues Answers
Make eyes at OGLE
Midmorning hour TEN
More crafty SLIER
Newspaper's essay page OPED
Not doing anything IDLE
Not feeling well UNDERTHEWEATHER
Odor-sensing organ NOSE
Ooh and __ AAH
Oozes out SEEPS
Otherwise ELSE
Past the deadline LATE
People from Baghdad IRAQIS
Performed in a chorus SANG
Postpones for some other time TAKESARAINCHECK
Rabbit's relative HARE
Removed suds from RINSED
Requested ASKED
Reside DWELL
Salesperson's sales target QUOTA
Sensible thinking LOGIC
Size below Medium SMALL
Smooth writing implement GELPEN
Spoken out loud ORAL
Spouse's sister or mother INLAW
The Caribbean or Mediterranean SEA
The __ Ness monster LOCH
They're thicker than jellies JAMS
Top corporate leader: Abbr CEO
Uncanny glow AURA
Uncooked, as carrots RAW
Utters SAYS
Vows exchanged at weddings IDOS
What the rude ''have a lot of'' NERVE
Wicked EVIL
Without a warranty ASIS
Worthy of worship HOLY
Yuletide song CAROL
Zebra marking STRIPE
__ fish sandwich TUNA