New York Times - May 17 2021

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Clues Answers
'Don't be ___' (Google motto) EVIL
'Don't get any funny ___' IDEAS
'Holy smokes!' EGADS
'I'm f-f-freezing!' BRR
'Look what I ___!' DID
... --- .. SOS
Ad ___ committee HOC
Admit, with 'up' FESS
Alternative to Zumba JAZZERCISE
Apple tablet IPAD
Assistance AID
Ballet bend PLIE
Big name in polo shirts IZOD
Biggest city in South Dakota SIOUXFALLS
Break into with intent to steal BURGLE
Cars with gas/electric engines HYBRIDS
CBS logo EYE
Change with the times ADAPT
Chef's hat TOQUE
Clothing, informally DUDS
Construction details SPECS
Côte d'___ (French Riviera) AZUR
Country whose name is a brand of bottled water FIJI
Critical marks on treasure maps XES
Cut of a pork roast LOIN
Daytona 500 acronym NASCAR
Donated GAVE
Early offering, as of goods PRESALE
Employs USES
Fancy goodbye ADIEU
Fixed look GAZE
Food, water and air NEEDS
Friend in a conflict ALLY
Giuseppe who composed 'Rigoletto' VERDI
Govt. org. with a classified budget NSA
Grey who wrote 'Riders of the Purple Sage' ZANE
Ham-handed sorts OAFS
Illegally downloaded PIRATED
Clues Answers
In ___ land (dreaming) LALA
Interlaced threads WOVE
Just before the weekend FRIDAY
Kahlúa and Sambuca LIQUEURS
Like many HDTVs, in brief LCD
Like the 1% RICH
Like, with 'to' AKIN
Lock of hair TRESS
Lose one's amateur status GOPRO
Mai ___ (cocktail) TAI
Many a craft brew, in brief IPA
Measures of salt and sugar: Abbr TSPS
Meat-inspecting org USDA
More sunburned REDDER
Most words ending in '-ly' ADVERBS
Next (to) ADJACENT
Nonsensical IDIOTIC
Noted portrait photographer Anne GEDDES
Number on a miniature golf card PAR
One crying 'Hup, two, three, four!': Abbr SGT
Opportunities to play in games TURNS
Participated in the first third of a triathlon SWAM
Place to apply ChapStick LIP
Poem of tribute ODE
Puts two and two together, say ADDS
Rude touch POKE
Salty water BRINE
Singer Goulding ELLIE
Slicker OILIER
Some reading for an I.R.S. auditor TAXCODE
Supposed means of communication with the dead OUIJABOARD
Things milking machines attach to TEATS
Trader ___ (restaurant eponym) VIC
What ice cubes do in the hot sun MELT
What the circled letters all mean YES
When some local news airs ATSIX
Where to order a Blizzard DAIRYQUEEN
___ Newton (cookie) FIG
___ pro quo QUID