The Washington Post - May 16 2021

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Clues Answers
'1984' working class PROLES
'Make it happen, sister!' GOGIRL
'No harm done' IMOK
'None of it is true!' LIES
'The Planets' composer HOLST
'The Sound of Music' matriarch MARIA
'Wanna __?' BET
'Wheel of Fortune' action RESPIN
Abrasion result RAWSKIN
Admired coll. guy BMOC
Auction gesture NOD
Author Calvino ITALO
Backtalk LIP
Barbecue guests? BROILCOMPANY
Bell town in a Longfellow poem ATRI
Bleak genre NOIR
Boxing match unit: Abbr RND
Breakfast choice EGGS
Certain hip-hop dancer BBOY
Cherish ADORE
Coil of yarn SKEIN
Collars NABS
Color at the stable ROAN
Composer Satie ERIK
Couturier Cassini OLEG
Create a new look for MAKEOVER
Creative kind of thinking LATERAL
Dance in a pit MOSH
Deep sleep SOPOR
Delivery room docs OBS
Dirt at the stable? BRIDLEGOSSIP
Dr. Al Robbins on 'CSI,' e.g CORONER
Drake production RAPCD
Enterprise competitor ALAMO
Fairy tale baddie OGRE
Feudal subject LIEGE
Fight among poor pool players? SCRATCHBRAWL
First name in design COCO
Fraternity news contacts? BROTHERSOURCES
Fred Flintstone's boss MRSLATE
Free TV spot PSA
Furniture wood OAK
Future fish ROE
Geeked, so to speak EAGER
Gift to a Valentine ROSES
Half of a vacation rental app AIR
Hesitant sounds ERS
Hieroglyphic beetles SCARABS
Hindu title SRI
Holiday desserts PIES
Idyllic places EDENS
Immortal catcher with '-ism' associated with his first name BERRA
Impressed? APED
iPad assistant SIRI
Ipecac, for one EMETIC
It might be picked LOCK
It shares a small border with BC IDA
Jimmy __, Saul's real name on 'Better Call Saul' MCGILL
Jots down NOTATES
Keep time, in a way CLAP
La Brea formations TARPITS
Lifeboat crane DAVIT
Like a darker purple BLUER
Little bit MITE
Locale of the Tomb of Akbar the Great AGRA
Looks rudely at OGLES
Luau instruments UKULELES
Maidenform purchase BRA
Mexican mama bear OSA
Clues Answers
Milwaukee MLBer through 1965 BRAVE
Monthly bill CABLE
Mounted security system component SENSOR
Mug for a selfie POSE
Nashville attraction OPRY
Neglect OMIT
Nephew of King Arthur GARETH
No-good ROTTEN
Notch shape VEE
One might begin, 'Oh, yeah?' RETORT
One who finesses the tab, facetiously ELCHEAPO
One with inborn talent NATURAL
Pearly coating NACRE
Pisa landmark TOWER
Place for a post BLOG
Pre-holiday time EVE
Progressive decline ATROPHY
Property claim LIEN
Puts in ADDS
Rachel Brosnahan's 'Marvelous Mrs.' MAISEL
Really dangerous edge? INVISIBLEBRINK
Really ticked IRATE
Red ink LOSS
Red or Card NLER
Relaxes EASES
Religious belief FAITH
Remark to the audience ASIDE
Removes, as wrinkles IRONSOUT
Section that doesn't include the sax, surprisingly BRASS
Service leader CLERIC
Set boundaries for LIMIT
Shed item TOOL
Shuts out, in baseball BLANKS
Slimming surg. procedure LIPO
Slow-moving tree dweller SLOTH
Small dress size PETITE
Soda bottle size LITER
Spoil, with 'on' DOTE
Stark heir on 'Game of Thrones' ROBB
Steinbeck migrants OKIES
Storied FABLED
Stressed out ONEDGE
Structural pieces for a tiny Christmas village? POCKETBRACES
Student in English class? NOUN
Style of expression VEIN
Supreme Egyptian god AMONRA
Tanning target HIDE
Taps feed them SINKS
Team golf event PROAM
The 'five' in 'take five,' e.g BREAK
The other half of 6-Down BNB
The __ Company: Walmart foe in 2000s lawsuits SMILEY
Threepio's pal ARTOO
Tía's mom ABUELA
Timeless ETERNAL
Toaster oven user? BROWNEROPERATOR
Tribe also called the Wyandot HURON
Truckers' competition ROADEO
Uncertain CHANCY
Unfurnished BARE
Use Listerine, say GARGLE
Whale groups PODS
Winter Palace rulers TSARS
Winter pear BOSC
Word in many rates PER
Words on some Québec road signs ARRETS
Writer __ Rogers St. Johns ADELA
Yule tune NOEL