Universal - May 16 2021

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Clues Answers
"Face the Nation" network CBS
"For shame!" sound TSK
"Grey's Anatomy" creator Shonda RHIMES
"Sounds about right" RECKONSO
"The Man in the ___" (Dumas novel) IRONMASK
"Things Fall ___" (Achebe novel) APART
"This is too much for me to process!" ICANTEVEN
"What nerve!" THEIDEA
Apple consumer products? CORES
Approached NEARED
Asparagus unit SPEAR
At the summit ONTOP
Australian bird EMU
Ballpoints, e.g PENS
Carpentry file RASP
Catering dispensers URNS
Club charge COVER
Coke's partner at the bar RUM
Comb backward TEASE
Common spot for knee injuries, briefly ACL
Complex church instrument PIPEORGAN
Corn or soybeans CASHCROP
Corporate benefits whiz HRREP
Cutting edge BLADE
Deep hole PIT
Federal URL ender GOV
Feudal field hand SERF
Fine spray MIST
Fireplace detritus ASH
Fish's midday meal? SCHOOLLUNCH
Flight-related abbr. hidden in "ticket agent" ETA
Hair colorings DYES
Haute ___ (high fashion) COUTURE
Hidden supply STASH
Hill insects ANTS
Home abuzz with activity? HIVE
India's first prime minister NEHRU
Inn relative MOTEL
Clues Answers
Integra automaker, once ACURA
Iowa college town AMES
Island country north of Libya MALTA
Just squeeze (out) EKE
K-12 support org PTA
Leave with friendly intentions GOINPEACE
Letter before upsilon TAU
Lights up, in a way HASASMOKE
Like fine wine AGED
Like hot items? STOLEN
Lions' procession? PRIDEPARADE
Lisa with the No. 1 hit "Stay (I Missed You)" LOEB
Many run Windows 10 PCS
Meal memorializing Exodus SEDER
Milk dispenser UDDER
Miss your exit, perhaps ERR
Non-reactive INERT
Parachute attachments RIPCORDS
Particle like Li+ ION
Potential man cave DEN
Pump product GAS
San Antonio NBA player SPUR
Seek help from TURNTO
Small child TOT
Small size MINI
Squishy toy brand NERF
Stove/oven combinations RANGES
Tai ___ CHI
Take on, as debt INCUR
Tic-tac-toe boards have four LINES
Tiger Woods' org PGA
Tool requiring hand-eye coordination? NEEDLE
Whales' swimming competition? PODRACE
Wolves' winter walking surface? PACKICE
Yosemite's country: Abbr USA
___ Day (time to plant trees) ARBOR
___ kebab SHISH