The Sun - Two Speed - May 16 2021

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Clues Answers
Abandon half of crew in sub SCRUB
Additional EXTRA
Apartment block TENEMENT
Arrive at REACH
Bachelor has mixed batter BASH
Baltic state ESTONIA
Chocolatey drink COCOA
Citizenry POPULACE
Clothing articles dropped by Boadicea BODICE
Commotion ADO
Communicate with power REACH
Cover wound in black and get on BANDAGE
Cured herring BLOATER
Deride or tease MOCK
English chaps in tent or flat TENEMENT
Feud great with NUM revitalised ARGUMENT
Filament STRAND
First-aid dressing BANDAGE
Fish novice kept in hat BLOATER
Fool embraces European in lift HEAVE
Found sapphire at last in box CREATE
Fruit centre Ian managed NECTARINE
Group playing in desert ABANDON
Heated discussion ARGUMENT
Hurried back to house for conference SEMINAR
Clues Answers
In Preston I always seek the country ESTONIA
Killer in Windsor Castle ORCA
Lace-up girdle BODICE
Location without work diminished community POPULACE
Maroon hair STRAND
Motto revised to include a love apple TOMATO
Notice nothing that causes trouble ADO
Party BASH
Party time for Dorothy DOT
PM's residence NUMBERTEN
Powder company doubled allocation initially COCOA
Prospero to react showing blade ROTOR
Reckon to have one million in assets ESTIMATE
Red fruit TOMATO
Rough guess ESTIMATE
Run in next race EXTRA
Seaman interrupts hit at home HABITAT
Simulated ridicule MOCK
Smooth-skinned peach NECTARINE
Speck DOT
Study group SEMINAR
Toothed whale ORCA
Turning part ROTOR
Watch phosphorus leak out SEEP
What Pele wore in Johnson's house? NUMBERTEN