- May 15 2021

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Clues Answers
''The Pearl of the Indian Ocean'' SRILANKA
''__ Diary'' (Twain book with an apple on the cover) EVES
1 Across consumer PUP
Arrange nicely ORGANIZE
Arrange nicely NEATEN
Automated villain of sci-fi HAL
Be destructive DOHARM
Books __ (misnamed audiobook seller) ONTAPE
Bread flavoring GARLIC
By order of PER
Call on TAP
Calls on, with no choice COMPELS
Commander of the first manned Apollo mission SCHIRRA
Court dudes NETMEN
Deny or sustain, say RULEON
Diminutive suffix KIN
Disappoint in performance TANK
Diversionary tactic DECOY
Ecclesiastical antonym TEMPORAL
Elk antlers and Prime Bones DOGCHEWS
Elongated region BELT
Erie Canal Museum city SYRACUSENEWYORK
Evacuation order SCRAM
Extremely ambitious INAHURRY
Fashions MAKES
Food from the French for ''finish'' CONSOMME
Get a glider going TOW
Gets around AVOIDS
Gnarled, as trunks KNURLY
Held back REINEDIN
Historic city of northern Spain OVIEDO
Important name in sleuthing stories CONAN
Knight on old 50-pound notes WREN
Know how CAN
Milwaukee TV tribute statue in a two-thumbs-up pose FONZIE
Clues Answers
Missal housing PEW
More than kind SOBIG
NHL, NBA and NFL locale CHI
Not concerted SOLO
Not yet caught FREE
Odyssean EPIC
One more time, to Twain AGIN
Paper aide STRINGER
Plant procedure GRAFT
Profession precursor IDECLARE
Quite a boor YAHOO
Quite a boor APE
Score for a leaner ONE
See 40 Across CELTIC
Seed case POD
Settled (on) LIT
Show you really mean it AVOW
Signature collectors' banes AUTOPENS
Small Roman numeral TRE
Sondheim octet TONYS
Spread dirt around JAW
Spread dirt around DISHED
Stinker DUD
Stops progressing PLATEAUS
Subadolescent TWEENY
Subject of an early Tom Wolfe book KENKESEY
They're in a book of Liszt's SONATAS
Weapons, to generals ASSETS
What CRTs were used with PCS
What some calipers measure BODYFAT
Wild bunch HUNS
With 9 Across, Indo-European subgroup ITALO
Word on the first line of Mirren's Wikipedia article NEE
Worst-case scenario NADIR