Universal - May 14 2021

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Clues Answers
"Cheers" actress who could aptly be a bowling star? KIRSTIEALLEY
"Girls Trip" actress who could aptly be a pool star? REGINAHALL
"Lincoln" actress who could aptly be a soccer star? SALLYFIELD
"Night Court" actress who could aptly be a softball star? SELMADIAMOND
"___ the night before Christmas ..." TWAS
Academic journal edition ISSUE
Adds to a schedule SLATES
Aquafina rival DASANI
Back muscles, in gym slang LATS
Belief in a god or gods THEISM
Blog's main page HOME
Boxing legend Laila ALI
Burn with hot water SCALD
Carded IDED
Chest muscles, in gym slang PECS
Deep divide SCHISM
Doesn't cook EATSRAW
Everyone ALL
Famous slapstick trio STOOGES
Flat fish SOLE
Foam darts, perhaps AMMO
Follower of "special" or "talent" AGENT
Fries or mashed potatoes SIDE
Garment that surrounds "cowboy hat" COAT
Gets one's feet wet? WADES
Huge celebration BIGDO
Indian tea CHAI
It encircles the waist BELTLINE
Like a yoga instructor AGILE
Like delicate fabric LACY
Like Neptune's atmosphere GASSY
Marine animal with an elephant variety SEAL
Musical practice piece ETUDE
Must pay OWES
Nickname that drops "imir" VLAD
Norway's capital OSLO
Old King of rhyme COLE
Ollie's partner in old comedy STAN
Opposite of admit DENY
Clues Answers
Oranjestad's Caribbean island ARUBA
Org. that approves disinfectants EPA
Pest that may uproot a plant MOLE
Promise, or part of a promise WORD
Put the kibosh on END
Rapunzel's lock TRESS
Really, really OHSO
Recognizes SEES
Responded in court PLED
Retired actress Sobieski LEELEE
Sitcom star, say TVIDOL
Skating jump AXEL
Spine-tingling video letters (RAMS anagram) ASMR
Stocking stuffers? TOES
Stops up, as a river DAMS
Storybook elephant BABAR
Striker's bane SCAB
Succulent in a trendy juice ALOE
Syr. neighbor ISR
Tailor-made? SEWN
Tear up REND
Tiny WEE
Tones up GETSFIT
Top grade APLUS
Uncovers BARES
Untidy one SLOB
Utters SAYS
Video recorder, for short CAM
Wallop SOCK
Went back (on) RENEGED
What fills Time NEWS
What you used to be? THEE
Where to turn off EXIT
Writer Bombeck ERMA
Yellowfin tuna AHI
Zillions ALOT
___'s Pieces REESE