New York Times - May 14 2021

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Clues Answers
'Got it' ISEE
'How now?,' to a cow? MOO
'Shucks!' HECK
'You thought wrong!' AUCONTRAIRE
'___ Camp,' 2020 Oscar-nominated documentary CRIP
14 billion years, for the age of the universe: Abbr EST
2017 double-platinum debut album for SZA CTRL
Actor who played Senator Vinick on 'The West Wing' ALDA
Animal that comes to shore to lay eggs SEATURTLE
Bad sorts to be stuck talking to at a gathering BORES
Begin the toasting process RAISEAGLASS
Bel ___ (Italian cheese) PAESE
Bigeye tuna AHI
Bug expert? SPY
Bygone potentate SHAH
Certain hieroglyphs ASPS
Clear RID
Coffee spot? STAIN
Comedian Margaret CHO
Deep cuts GASHES
Does a deep dive on a topic, with 'out' GEEKS
Drug kingpin on 'The Wire' MARLO
Easy two-pointer TIPIN
Ethereum or Bitcoin, for example EMONEY
Get an 800 on the G.M.A.T., say ACEIT
Gifts that are usually scented LEIS
Go down LOSE
Gold Coast port ACCRA
Govt. org. whose director serves a 10-year term FBI
Grade RATE
Historic Charleston site FORTSUMTER
Hockey game highlight, for some MELEE
Home of the Starzz, one of the original eight W.N.B.A. teams UTAH
Inclined APT
Clues Answers
Judge unfairly, say STEREOTYPE
Kind of berry ACAI
Leftovers from a doughnut, say TIREMARKS
Michael of 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' CERA
Oktoberfest locale BEERGARDEN
Old Forester and Old Overholt offerings RYES
One of eight in 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' MAID
One of the Kennedys TED
One way to crack a code BRUTEFORCE
People FOLKS
Person in a contract PARTY
Raw materials ORES
Savory Scottish delicacy HAGGIS
See 44-Down NORTH
Single-___ PAYER
Site of an underground pool, maybe GROTTO
Snacks known as 'student fodder' and 'scroggin' in Germany and New Zealand, respectively TRAILMIXES
Split, in a way HALVE
St. ___, locale in an English nursery rhyme IVES
Stops lying RISES
Studies DENS
Tall order? LATTE
They can cause anxiety STRESSORS
Things that pique your interest on TV TEASERADS
U.S. city that's home to the largest Basque population outside Spain BOISE
Unsatisfactory NOTUPTOSNUFF
West end? ERN
What few fliers desire MIDDLESEAT
Winter Olympics equipment SLEDS
With 21-Across, straight up TRUE
Women's rights pioneer Elizabeth ___ Stanton CADY
Words from Mission Control ALLSYSTEMSGO
You can bank on them ATMS
Zinger MOT